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Customized Private Training

Ada is an extremely learnable language, and AdaCore can facilitate the journey to knowledge with courses that range from language fundamentals to advanced concepts and tools topics. We offer a range of courses led by expert instructors. We offer private sessions of customized, live training courses for companies and small groups. Please inquire with any questions regarding: pricing, availability of instructors for scheduling, and customization of the training courses listed below.


Language Training

Ada Essentials

This course provides a full introduction to programming in Ada, with topics that are tailored based on customer requirements. It explains Ada’s fundamental programming features, emphasizing how to construct modular, portable, and reliable systems. It is up to date with the most recent version of the language standard.

A standardized version of this course is offered periodically for individuals and small groups. See more here.

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SPARK Essentials

A three-day course for programmers, managers, and software assessment/regulation personnel, which presents the principles of high assurance software development and verification using SPARK. The course explains the rationale of SPARK, describes the language and the principles of formal methods analysis, and shows how to use the SPARK language and the SPARK Pro Toolset both in new projects and in the context of existing (legacy) systems.

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Ada Advanced Topics

This course goes into greater detail on Ada topics chosen by the customer. As such, both the content and the length are completely customizable.

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Tools Training

GNAT Static Analysis Suite (SAS)

Static analysis is a complex subject, which the GNAT SAS is designed to help you tackle. Through a mix of training, dedicated “mini-mentorship”, and customization work, AdaCore can help you set up a fully functional static analysis workflow on your codebase, adapted to your use case.

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GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite (DAS)

GNAT DAS offers a rich set of capabilities for analyzing your code, but there is a learning curve to getting it configured and ready for initial usage. This integrated course simplifies that process so that you can quickly get set up and start seeing results.

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Hands-On with GNAT Studio

This course demonstrates advanced usage of the GNAT Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and how to improve productivity by using more of its advanced features.

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