Public Ada Training

PARIS, FRANCE, NOV 27 - DEC 1, 2017

This course is geared to software professionals looking for a practical introduction to the Ada language, including critical features introduced in Ada 2012. By attending this course you will understand and know how to use Ada for both sequential and concurrent applications, through a combination of live lectures from AdaCore's expert instructors and hands-on workshops using AdaCore's latest GNAT technology. No previous experience with Ada is required.

The course will be conducted in English.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of a programming language (Ada 83, C, C++, Java…)

Each participant should come with a computer running Windows.


AdaCore, 4th floor 46 rue d’Amsterdam 75009 Paris

0930 – 1700

Lunch Break
1230 – 1400 (Lunch provided everyday)

AdaCore Contact
Eric Perlade

+33 1 49 70 87 58 // +33 6 30 85 65 51

Email Eric Perlade

Day 1

Language Basics

  • Introduction and Rationale
  • Declarations
  • Basic Types
  • Interacting with the Hardware
  • Remote Debugging
Day 2

Composite Data Structures and Architecture

  • Statements
  • Arrays
  • Records
Day 3

Program Architecture

  • Subprograms
  • Packages
  • Privacy
  • Exceptions
Day 4

Advanced Program Architecture

  • Access Types (basics)
  • Inheritance (basics)
  • Genericity
  • Elaboration
Day 5

Ada for Embedded Programming

  • Basic Tasking
  • Tasking with the Ravenscar Profile
  • Contracts

If you are interested in the event you may register using the form below. For more information about the event or pricing info contact us at

After you register for this course we will send you instructions for downloading the AdaCore software that will be used for the workshops. Please pre-install these files on your laptop and bring it with you to the course.