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The GNAT Pro Family

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GNAT Pro Assurance is a complete Ada solution for projects with the most stringent requirements for reliability, long-term maintenance or certification.

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GNAT Pro Enterprise is a complete development environment for producing critical software systems where reliability, efficiency and maintainability are essential.

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Get ahead of the curve with Ada.

Ada was designed against a set of language requirements for reliable and efficient software and has been used successfully since the mid 1980s to implement applications at the highest levels of criticality. From small-footprint bare metal embedded systems to essential enterprise applications, Ada has gotten the job done.

A language is only as good as its implementation, and AdaCore’s GNAT technology has been supporting Ada customers since the company’s inception. GNAT Pro includes a rich IDE and a variety of tools that can help you to become productive with Ada quickly, and to produce reliable code that will make your customers happy.

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Comprehensive Ada Toolsuite

GNAT Pro includes the tools and libraries that you need for getting started with Ada.

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Development Environment

The control panel for all your development is either GNAT Studio or the GNATbench Eclipse plug-in. These intuitive and adaptable IDEs are easy to learn but with advanced capabilities to support evolving project needs.

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Library and Components

In addition to the Ada 2012 predefined environment GNAT Pro supplies a number of libraries specific to GNAT, including packages for string handling, searching and sorting, hash tables, socket support, input-output, and more.

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Testing and Analysis Tools

The toolsuite include a configurable reformatter / pretty printer, a program metrics generator, a visual debugger, a code navigator, and more.

Catch bugs earlier. Save money in the long run.

The earlier that errors are detected, the cheaper they are to correct. That philosophy is intrinsic to the Ada design, with data type errors (such as pointer misuses) caught by the compiler, and run-time errors (such as buffer overrun) caught by checks in the compiled code. In many cases optimization or static analysis can eliminate the run-time checks, so performance is not impacted.

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Cost of finding errors

Traditional Process


Ada-Centric Process

Ada Centric

Reliable software is just good business.

Software development is hard, and an effective programming language is critical to helping you get the job done. That’s where Ada comes in. If you are tired of using the debugger to chase down errors, and you want code that is reliable, readable, and efficient, then GNAT Pro can introduce you to the many benefits that the Ada language offers.

Work smarter, not harder.

Another way to look at software reliability is to identify who or what is responsible for error detection/prevention. Are errors prevented by virtue of the language rules? Can they be detected by supplemental static analysis tools? Or does the programmer need to show (through manual analysis or testing, which can be expensive) that the error cannot occur? With Ada, much more than with other languages, a large percentage of errors is either directly prevented because of the language’s compile- and run-time checks, or can be detected through static analysis.


Expert Support

Integral to every one of our products are the consulting and support services we provide to our customers. While every company says they offer excellent support, for us it‘s a critical part of our business model and something we take very seriously.

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