The simply powerful IDE

The GNAT Studio is a powerful and intuitive IDE that supports the full development workflow, from coding to system integration, testing, debugging, and code analysis. GNAT Studio is versatile and customizable and gives you easy access to the GNAT Pro technologies.

A Lightweight, Powerful IDE

GNAT Studio is a multi-language IDE with advanced support out-of-the-box for Ada, SPARK, C, C++ and Python. With GNAT Studio you get advanced code intelligence and navigation features and the ability to produce graphs of project organization, source dependencies and type / class inheritance.

GNAT Studio gives you a direct interface to the GNAT Pro tools and thus easy access to program builders, debuggers, and static and dynamic analysis tools. It also allows integration of third-party version control systems and can be tailored to your specific project needs.

Versatile and Extensible

Especially suited for large, complex systems, GNAT Studio is designed with versatility in mind, and can adapt to systems of any complexity.

The IDE is highly extensible. A straightforward scripting approach lets you tailor GNAT Studio to meet your workflow requirements and to integrate additional tools. With its built-in support for remote programming, GNAT Studio can run on a local workstation while the build and debug processes are performed on a separate server.

Its appearance and behavior can also be tailored to accommodate various project-specific preferences.