The Ada community is passionate about building dependable, high-integrity software.

Since 2005, AdaCore has released an annual version of its GNAT Community toolchain for free software developers, hobbyists, and students.

In May 2022, AdaCore announced the end of the GNAT Community release in favor of a cleaner and more familiar ecosystem for the Ada and SPARK programming languages, managed by the community: the Alire source-based package manager.

Created by Alejandro Mosteo from the Cen­tro Uni­ver­si­tario de la Defen­sa de Zaragoza, Alire offers everything that GNAT Community offers, including GNAT Studio, SPARK, native, cross ARM, cross RISC-V compilers, and much more. It also enables developers to easily build upon the community's projects (libraries or programs) and share their projects with others.

We encourage all GNAT Community users to transition to Alire going forward.

The GNAT Academic Program

Over 100 members in 35 countries are teaching Ada and SPARK using the GNAT Academic Program.

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About Ada

Ada is a modern programming language designed for large, long-lived applications – and embedded systems in particular – where reliability and efficiency are essential.

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Alire is a source-based package manager for Ada/SPARK

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Stack Overflow is a place to ask questions and get responses from other techies. We highly recommend this resource.

AdaCore on GitHub

With our commitment to Open Source, AdaCore is a major contributor to GitHub.


Launched during the Make with Ada competition, the @AdaProgrammers account keeps up an active presence on Twitter.

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An active community of Ada users on Reddit serve as a valuable resource for anyone interested in Ada.

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With LinkedIn you can connect with Ada developers and employers from around the world.

The AdaCore Blog

Targeted to developers at all levels, AdaCore's blogs include technical articles, tutorials and opinion pieces written by Ada developers.

Learn Logo is an interactive learning platform designed to teach the Ada and SPARK programming languages.

Crate of the Year

We use this competition to reward the people contributing to the Ada/SPARK ecosystem.