Industrial-Grade Software Development

GNAT Pro Enterprise is a complete development environment for producing critical software systems where reliability, efficiency and maintainability are essential.

Our GNAT Pro Enterprise flagship product supports Ada, C and C++ and offers a suite of tools and libraries for developing large, mission-critical applications. Companies worldwide have come to depend on AdaCore’s products and expertise in developing, verifying and maintaining their software. Our technology is upgraded annually, with many of the enhancements based on customer suggestions.

Take on the toughest software challenges with confidence.

With its extensible and tailorable IDEs and its comprehensive suite of development and verification tools, GNAT Pro Enterprise can meet the needs of the most demanding projects. It integrates smoothly with version control and configuration management software and scales up to support multi-developer systems comprising millions of lines of code.

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One supplier, one toolset, one workflow for Ada, C and C++

GNAT Pro Enterprise uses a common code generator to support all versions of Ada (from Ada 83 through Ada 2012), as well as C (including C11) and C++ (including C++17).  With its full spectrum of program development and verification tools, coupled with expert support, AdaCore can serve as a “one stop shop” for your programming needs.

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Time Tested, Proven Tools and Experience

AdaCore and GNAT Pro have a long and successful track record in the most demanding industries, including commercial and military avionics, space, rail, automotive, medical systems and finance.

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Premium Toolsuite

In addition to all the tools and libraries that you need, we have a variety of add-ons to kick your workflow up to the next level.

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Development Environments

The control panel for your software projects is GNAT Studio or GNATbench (Eclipse plug-in) Integrated Development Environment. These intuitive and adaptable IDEs are easy to learn but offer advanced capabilities to support evolving project needs.

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Library and Components

In addition to the Ada 2012 predefined environment, GNAT Pro Enterprise supplies a number of libraries specific to GNAT. These include packages for string handling, searching and sorting, hash tables, socket support, input-output, and more.

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Testing and Analysis Tools

The toolsuite include a configurable reformatter / pretty printer, a program metrics generator, a visual debugger, a code navigator, a test case generator, and more.

Customer Projects: GNAT Pro Enterprise

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An Unparalleled Level of Coverage

GNAT Pro Enterprise is available on a wide range of platforms, both native and cross, with targets including commercial RTOSes and Bare Metal.

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Expert Support

Integral to every one of our products are the consulting and support services we provide to our customers. While every company says they offer excellent support, for us it‘s a critical part of our business model and something we take very seriously.

  • check Direct access to the GNAT Pro team
  • check Confidential support
  • check 48 hour response guarantee
  • check Support for multiple versions of Ada (83, 95, 2005, and 2012)
  • check Access to GNAT Tracker

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