Commercially Supported C and C++ Toolchains for Critical Software

As fully supported commercial products from a company with decades of experience in the high-assurance software industry, AdaCore’s GNAT Pro C and GNAT Pro C++ development environments mitigate the toolset-related risks that can jeopardize schedules and budgets. GNAT Pro C and GNAT Pro C++ come with guarantees, such as front-line support from the product developers themselves, thatSuperTest-SolidSands.png#asset:57427 can address any tool issue accurately and promptly and help keep your project on track.

GNAT Pro compiler validated by SuperTest™ for safety-critical mixed language development.

Supported Platforms

GNAT Pro C and GNAT Pro C++ are available for native environments (Linux, Windows) and also for a number of cross platforms including VxWorks, LynxOS-178, and embedded Linux. A bare metal target is available for GNAT Pro C.

Bare Metal C C C C C
Linux C/C++ C/C++ C/C++
LynxOS-178 C C
VxWorks 6 C C/C++ C C C
VxWorks 7 C/C++ C/C++ C/C++
Windows C/C++

Language Version Support

GNAT Pro C supports C89 through C18, and GNAT Pro C++ supports C++89 through C++17.


AdaCore has been building compilers based on the Free Software Foundation’s (FSF’s) GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) for over 25 years. We have implemented and continue to maintain an Ada compiler front end and companion run-time libraries and tools, which form the basis for our major commercial product, GNAT Pro. Leveraging the GCC back end has enabled AdaCore to port GCC to a wide range of platforms, both native and embedded, for a variety of target architectures. AdaCore personnel are back end GCC contributors and Ada front end official maintainers.


Solutions for the long run

If your project has a long lifetime or needs to meet domain-specific software standards, the GNAT Pro Assurance edition for GNAT Pro C or C++ will be especially valuable. This edition of the product comes with active support on a specific branch of the technology including critical bug-fixes years after technology freeze. Certification material for DO-178B/C (avionics), EN 50128 (rail) or ISO 26262 (automotive) are available as an option.

One supplier, one toolset, one workflow for Ada, C and C++

AdaCore tools use a tried and tested code generation technology to support all versions of Ada, as well as C and C++. With its full spectrum of program development and verification tools, coupled with expert support, AdaCore can serve as a “one stop shop” for your programming needs.

Integral to every one of our products are the consulting and support services we provide to our customers. High-quality support is central to our business model, and questions on any aspect of our products are answered promptly and accurately, by the product developers themselves.

For a business case presenting the advantages of our commercially supported C and C++ toolsets, download this white paper by AdaCore’s Quentin Ochem.

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