Executive Team

Franco Gasperoni

Franco 1

Franco Gasperoni is CEO and co-founder of AdaCore, the provider of non-proprietary tools for safe and secure software development in aerospace, defense, and railway systems.  Since 1994, AdaCore has transformed the business of tools for critical software development into a service combining high-quality freely licensed tools with innovative front-line engineering assistance.

Franco has an engineering degree from Mines ParisTech, France and a PhD in Computer Science from New York University, USA. While in France, Franco worked on credit mechanisms and their potential instability with Maurice Allais, the French economics Nobel laureate. Franco has lectured and conducted research in computer science at New York University and Télécom ParisTech. The thread that weaves itself throughout Franco's work is the longstanding interest in social, economic, cybernetic, and engineering systems.

Cyrille Comar

Cyrille Comar Ada Core

Cyrille Comar is co-founder and President of AdaCore. After receiving a PhD Degree in Computer Sciences in 1986, he began his career in academia as a Software Engineering Professor at Sup'Aero (Aeronautics Engineering School) in Toulouse, France. He joined the GNAT Project at New York University in 1993, and participated in the creation of the AdaCore offices first in the US and then in Europe. His scientific interests include safe and secure programming and software certification standards. He was involved with the development of the DO-178C standard for airborne software, and continues to contribute to FAA initiatives on other means of compliance. Dr. Comar's interests include monitoring the evolution of the various safety standards in industries such as automotive, industrial automation, railway and space.