Executive Team

Franco Gasperoni

CEO / Co-Founder

Franco Gasperoni is the CEO and co-founder of AdaCore. Together with his business partner, Cyrille Comar, Franco has grown AdaCore from a 1990s startup into a profitable corporation that serves OEMs and a diverse array of customers in the aerospace and defense sectors. Under his leadership, AdaCore has successfully navigated multiple acquisitions and secured investment from Battery Ventures to further drive the company’s growth.

Franco holds an engineering degree from Mines ParisTech in France and a PhD in Computer Science from New York University in the USA. During his time in France, he studied credit mechanisms and their potential instability under Maurice Allais, the Nobel Prize-winning economist. Franco's career is marked by an enduring interest in social, economic, and cybernetic systems.

Arnaud Charlet

Chief Technology Officer

Arnaud Charlet is the Chief Technology Officer at AdaCore, where he coordinates the company's efforts across Product Engineering, IT, and Services. Arnaud began his career at AdaCore in 1998 as a software engineer, contributing to the implementation of the GNAT tasking runtime, GNAT Studio, and CodePeer. His roles have evolved over the years from team lead to product manager, and he has previously led Product Engineering at AdaCore. Arnaud has also driven the development of key technologies such as the GNAT front-end, GNAT LLVM, and GNAT CCG.

Gaëlle Gourlin

Chief People Officer

Gaëlle Gourlin is the Chief People Officer at AdaCore and has over 12 years of experience in HR spanning various industries, including banking, food, and technology. She joined AdaCore five years ago to lead and structure its HR functions. Gaëlle has built a robust global HR team focused on career management, skills development, and HR legislation, as well as leading cross-functional initiatives such as the Inclusion and diversity initiative.

Marie Labas

Chief Financial Officer

Marie Labas is the Chief Financial Officer at AdaCore. She joined AdaCore in 2022, focusing on implementing finance policies and tools to support the company's strategic objectives. Prior to joining AdaCore, Marie worked as an auditor at EY subsequently joining Accor where she worked in Financial Planning & Analysis, and as the head of FP&A at TheFork, a TripAdvisor company. She graduated from Rennes School of Business with a master’s degree in Corporate Finance.

Quentin Ochem

Chief Product and Revenue Officer

Quentin Ochem is the Chief Product and Revenue Officer at AdaCore, overseeing marketing, sales, and product management. His involvement with AdaCore began in 2002 during his school years, officially joining in 2005 to work on IDE and cross-language bindings. Quentin has a background in software engineering, particularly in high-integrity domains like avionics and defense. His roles expanded to include training and technical sales, leading him to build the technical sales department and global product management in the US. In 2021, he stepped into his current role, steering the company’s strategic initiatives.

Quentin holds a master's degree in Computer Engineering from Polytech Marseille, awarded in 2005.

Romain Berrendonner

Chief Legal Officer

Romain Berrendonner is the Chief Legal Officer at AdaCore, overseeing all legal, compliance, and M&A activities, and serves as CEO of AdaCore Technologies, Inc. Joining AdaCore in 2002, initially focusing on debugging technologies, Romain established the company's legal department and managed AdaCore's Cybersecurity products. He initiated the company’s voluntary disclosure program. Romain holds a Master's in Computer Science from Télécom ParisTech, a Laurea in Computer Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino, and a Master’s degree in business law from Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Olivier Ramonat

IT Director

Olivier Ramonat is the IT Director at AdaCore, leading the teams responsible for operating AdaCore’s Information System, maintaining a secure Software Supply Chain, and ensuring on-time delivery of AdaCore products to customers. Since joining AdaCore in early 2008, Olivier has contributed to quality assurance and production infrastructure and has served as Information Security Manager, leading the NIST SP 800-171 compliance effort. He graduated from IMT Atlantique, France.

Joel Brobecker

Director of Product Engineering

Joel Brobecker is the Director of Product Engineering at AdaCore. He co-initiated the GtkAda project, enabling the creation of graphical applications using Ada, and has made significant contributions to technologies, including AdaCore's debugger and AdaCore's production environments. Joel joined AdaCore in 2000 and has managed numerous projects enhancing AdaCore's Toolchain product for a diverse array of platforms. He has also been pivotal in customer support and community efforts. He graduated in 1997 from IMT Atlantique, France, and completed a year of military service in the Navy.