For projects requiring very high priority support or specialized expertise such as porting from other Ada compilers, getting the most out of the AdaCore offering, or setting up a DevOps pipeline with our tools, AdaCore offers custom support and development services. Here are some examples in which AdaCore can bring its expertise to your project:

Starting a successful Ada/SPARK project using GNAT Pro/SPARK Pro

While monitoring your software project, we help you make the best use of the GNAT Pro development environment and of Ada. Our experience in this domain helps you make the best use of the GNAT Pro technology. As large users of Ada ourselves we are in a unique position to provide guidance to projects that adopt Ada.

Getting set up on using CodePeer for static and security analysis

Get the help from one of our CodePeer experts to get you set up and optimize your usage of CodePeer to get the most out of our advanced static analysis solution based on your needs and specific environment.

Going beyond online support

Take advantage of one of our Ada experts to unblock your project on difficult situations such as fixing a complex bug, or improving the performance of your real time application.

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