AdaCore can provide expertise in many areas of the software development lifecycle, whether it’s building custom tools to meet specific needs, interfacing with third party libraries and applications or establishing a process to build and analyze your code on a nightly basis.

Some examples of how we can bring expertise to your project include:

Building Custom Tools

Sometimes, you need a tool that does a specific task in your development environment, rather than using an off-the-shelf solution that can be manipulated to do what you need. AdaCore can work with you to define the list of requirements and develop that custom solution that does everything you need without the time and effort expended on your side.

Integrating Third Party Libraries

Get the help from one of our AdaCore experts to integrate your application code to third party libraries. Such instances include libraries not natively written in Ada, or those that feature complex hardware/software limitations.

Creating a Nightly Build and Analysis Process

Part of establishing a robust software development project includes creation of a nightly build and analysis process. This can help to monitor the health of project code, ensure high integrity for the development process, and also ensures that projects operate efficiently with minimal overhead.

Contact an AdaCore sales representative about these topics, or any other task your company might need expertise to accomplish: