Designed for certification and long-lived projects.

GNAT Pro Assurance is a complete Ada solution for projects with the most stringent requirements for reliability, long-term maintenance, or certification.

The product supports all versions of the Ada language standard (from Ada 83 to Ada 2012), with C (including C11) and C++ (including C++17) support as optional add-ons. It includes a full toolsuite as well as a configurable run-time library and several specific run-times that are especially suited to high-assurance systems. Unique to the GNAT Pro Assurance product, a specialized service known as sustained branches allows a project to continue its use of a specific version of the technology, including upgrades to repair critical issues.

Prevent Security Vulnerabilities Earlier

GNAT Pro Assurance customers can request a detailed list of known problems, each keyed to The MITRE Corporation’s Common Vulnerability Enumeration (CVE) database. Vulnerability reports are provided in machine- and human-readable reports. In addition to this, AdaCore produces Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) supplied in the industry-standard Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) format, allowing automated incorporation into customers’ vulnerability management and reporting systems.

Solutions for the Long Run


A software system needs to be maintained and updated over time in response to changing requirements. The customer thus needs to have confidence that if an issue such as a code generation problem is encountered, then it can be addressed in the context of the version of the compiler that is being used. That is the purpose of AdaCore’s “sustained branch” service; guaranteeing product stability, with controlled evolution to correct problems.

Developed for Software Certification

AdaCore has a long history of working with customers who need to meet certification requirements, and GNAT Pro Assurance offers a number of options that can simplify the development and verification effort and provide real cost savings. These include certification material for the run-time libraries, as well as qualification material for several of the tools.

AdaCore’s GNAT Pro environment has been used to develop systems that have been certified against a number of domain-specific software assurance standards. For each of these safety or security standards, certification and/or qualification material for specific run-time libraries and/or tools are available to GNAT Pro Assurance customers through an optional certification support service.

Security Certification

AdaCore personnel are experts in these standards, and several staff members directly participated in the development of DO-178C and its technology supplements.

Premium Toolsuite and Certification Tools

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GNAT Pro Toolsuite

The GNAT Pro toolsuite includes tailorable Integrated Development Environments, a visual debugger, a multi-language build tool, and a variety of static and dynamic analysis utilities.

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MC/DC Coverage

The GNATcoverage tool, which is available as an option, performs non-intrusive coverage analysis up to DO-178B/C Level A (MC/DC). It can work on programs that are executed either on a target board with a probe or on the GNATemulator target emulator.

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Static Analysis

GNAT Pro Assurance comes with static analysis tools including GNATstack (calculates maximum stack usage), GNATmetric (derives various program metrics), and GNATcheck (verifies adherence to a coding standard). Other static analysis tools are available as options

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Customizable Runtimes

The Ada language supports run-time customization, and GNAT Pro Assurance comes with several run-time libraries that are particularly suited to certification. These include the ZFP (“Zero Footprint”) minimal run-time, the Cert run-time that adds support for exceptions and several other features, and the Ravenscar run-time that implements the Ravenscar tasking profile.

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Qualification Kits

A number of tools have been qualified for usage on systems certified under DO-178B/C and EN 50128. Qualification material that can be adapted to other systems is available for these tools

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Source-to-Object Code Traceability

This Ada language feature analysis, available as a product option, includes test cases and GNAT Pro switch recommendations that can help developers of safety-critical software comply with the DO-178B avionics standard. Based on the feature analysis / traceability study, you can use the GNAT Pro compiler to meet Table A7 objective 7, in accordance with the guidelines described in the Certification Authority Software Team’s Position Paper CAST-12.

Customer Projects: GNAT Pro Assurance

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An Unparalleled Level of Coverage

GNAT Pro Assurance is available on a wide range of platforms, both native and cross, with targets including commercial RTOSes and Bare Metal.

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Expert Support

Integral to every one of our products are the consulting and support services we provide to our customers. While every company says they offer excellent support, for us it‘s a critical part of our business model and something we take very seriously.

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  • check 48 hour response guarantee
  • check Support for multiple versions of Ada (83, 95, 2005, and 2012)
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