Helping Developers Build Software that Matters

Everything we do at AdaCore is centered around helping developers build safe, secure and reliable software. With over twenty years of experience working with the most respected companies in the avionics, space and defense industries, we build tools and provide services that ease the complex and often difficult process of developing high-integrity software. As the need for truly secure and reliable applications expands into industries such as automotive, medical, energy, and IOT, we’re excited to bring our time-tested technologies, expertise and services to help a whole new generation of developers.

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AdaCore has developed several strategic alliances and partnerships that allow our customers to benefit from an increasing number of powerful tools and services.

Capgemini Engineering

Capgemini Engineering is a specialist systems and software house, focused on the engineering of systems with demanding safety, security or innovation requirements.


Verocel has developed the certification package for run-time library components accompanying the GNAT Pro High Integrity Edition.

Wind River

Wind River is a worldwide leader in embedded software providing development tools, real-time operating systems, and advanced connectivity for use in products in a variety of markets including aerospace and defense.

Objective Interface Systems

Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (OIS) is the leading global provider of middleware solutions for inter-process communication for disparate systems.

Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

RTI Data Distribution Service is a high-performance messaging and data-caching solution for the development and integration of applications that require low latency, high throughput, high scalability, deterministic responses and minimal consumption of network, processor and memory resources.


PTC is the world’s largest independent supplier of industrial-grade, collaborative modeling tools for complex, mission-critical systems and software.

IBM Rational

Developing high quality embedded systems and software to meet tight deliver schedules demands a robust design environment. IBM Rational achieves this with Rhapsody®, an integrated visual modeling environment for embedded and real-time system engineering projects.


The AdaCore / Inria collaboration was instrumental in bringing about the SPARK 2014 version of the SPARK technology, which includes Inria's Why3 platform at its core. Inria, the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics, promotes “scientific excellence for technology transfer and society”.


SYSGO provides innovative operating system technology, middleware, and software services for the real-time and embedded market. A differentiating capability of SYSGO is the Safe and Secure Virtualization platform PikeOS, a new generation of RTOS which is built upon a small, fast, and safe microkernel.

Vector Software

VectorCAST Test Automation Platform for Ada was developed using Ada, on its own it delivers consistent repeatable real-time testing on your hardware or simulator.


Axivion develops static code analyses tools. With their help, even complex systems can quickly be examined, comprehended, and assessed.


The LDRA tool suite is deployed throughout the software development lifecycle for Code Review, Quality Review, Design Review, Unit Test and Test Verification.

Rapita Systems

Rapita Systems Ltd is a specialist in the timing analysis of real-time systems. Rapita’s innovative RapiTime product is a comprehensive toolset for on-target performance profiling, and worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis of embedded real-time software in the avionics, telecommunications, space and automotive electronics markets.


Lauterbach is the world's largest producer of hardware-assisted debug tools. We have been making world-class debuggers and emulators ever since the company was founded in 1979.


iSYSTEM's Blue Box Technology stands for fast and easy microcontroller access via any kind of microcontroller debug interface.

AdaCore is committed to being an active member of the Ada and software development communities.

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