Welcome to AdaCore!

Our passion? Helping people Build Software that Matters

What started out as a side project between a few NYU professors and their students has grown into the benchmark Ada environment for the planet's most critical industries. Where can your curiosity take you?

Job Openings

The following positions are currently open

Moreover, we are always interested in receiving applications in other areas.

Be Part of the Future

We are looking for individuals who want their work to have a direct impact on improving the reliability, safety and security of the software that modern society has grown increasingly dependent on. If you are a software professional who is

  • Passionate about the work you do,

  • Energized by working collaboratively,

  • Excited to work with people of different cultures and experiences, and

  • Service- and customer-oriented

then we may have a position for you!

We Thrive on Diversity

From software that matters, to people that matter, AdaCore strives to be best in class. AdaCore is a global organization driven by a team that personifies many different backgrounds and ideas. Those differences make us who we are—it is our strength. We are also a technology company that celebrates the open exchange of ideas, which makes innovation possible. The beautiful legacy of technology is forward motion; taking the best parts of the past and building a better future. We know that the world, and the technology industry, haven't always gotten this right. Too often, equity, diversity, and inclusion are, at best, an afterthought. At worst, they’re overlooked completely. We know we can do better, as a company, as an industry, and as citizens of the world. This is where we need your help.

We encourage applicants of all backgrounds to consider joining us. Whatever your ethnicity, nationality, gender identity or expression, age, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or marital status, we celebrate everything that makes you uniquely, undeniably you. So, to each of you, we simply ask: apply. By doing so, we can work together to help move the needle and ensure that AdaCore's contribution to the legacy of technology includes the myriad of experiences, intelligence and imagination present in the world of today.

Commitment to Personal Growth

Most of our engineers have come to our attention because they possess skills in a specialized technology or programming language / methodology; however, as we expand our reach into more industries, we want our employees to grow with us. AdaCore thus places a priority on providing ongoing, lifelong training to our employees, and we encourage them to explore their curiosity wherever it may take them. Growing minds make a growing company.

Beyond the Basics

Juggling work and life is challenging. It involves a delicate balancing act that has a direct impact on an individual’s well-being and productivity.

AdaCore offers competitive compensation, benefits and thoughtful perks that go well beyond industry standards to help keep our employees comfortable and satisfied both on and off the job, no matter where they are based.

Not Only for Geeks

(or, But I only have a Theater Arts Degree)

While we have our beginnings as a company of engineers and educators, we are not simply a collection of programmers. Our sales and marketing team is staffed with multi-talented, tenacious and creative individuals; and our HR team is committed to ensuring your tenure with AdaCore is a positive one. So your skillset does not have to include coding to have a hand in making software that matters.