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AdaCore has a long history of serving customers in the most demanding safety-critical industries. Our tools and technology meet the highest levels of domain-specific software certification standards, offering both feature functionality and safety assurance.

GNAT Pro Assurance guarantees
your certification needs

GNAT Pro Assurance offers a number of options that can simplify the development and verification effort, and provide real cost savings for projects with stringent certification requirements. These include certification material for the run-time libraries, as well as qualification material for several AdaCore tools.

A software system needs to be maintained and updated over time in response to changing requirements. The customer thus needs to have confidence that if an issue such as a code generation problem is encountered, then it can be addressed in the context of the version of the compiler that is being used. That is the purpose of AdaCore’s “sustained branch” service; guaranteeing product stability, with controlled evolution to correct problems.

The GNAT Pro compiler is also  validated by SuperTest™ for safety-critical mixed language development.

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Certification Evidence for the Ada Run-Time Libraries and Compiler

The GNAT Pro toolchain includes a number of run-time libraries (“profiles”) that can be used in certified applications, ranging from a “no-run time” profile (zero footprint) to minimal feature sets (Ravenscar tasking or Cert/Minimal profiles). We have deep expertise across a range of major software safety certification standards. These include:

Commercial airborne software
CAP670 / SW01
Air Traffic Services
EN 50128
Railway - signalling equipment
EN 50657
Railway - software embedded on trains
IEC 61508
Industrial automation
ISO 26262
Air Traffic Management

Beyond what is needed for the run-time libraries, some standards require specific certification evidence for the compiler itself. AdaCore can provide such artifacts, in particular:

  • For DO-178B/C — a source-to-object traceability study for Ada or C, applicable to level A certified software (Objective A-7 (9))

  • For EN-50128/EN-50657 and IEC-61508 — qualification material for GNAT Pro at level T3

  • For ISO-26262 — a TCL3 level qualification, required for ASIL4 certified software

Ada Core Technologies For D0178

AdaCore Technologies for DO‑178C / ED‑12C

This document explains how a number of technologies offered by AdaCore – tools, libraries, and supplemental services – can help. It covers not only the “core” DO-178C / ED-12C standard but also the technology supplements: Model-Based Development and Verification (DO-331 / ED-218), Object-Oriented Technology and Related Techniques (DO-332 / ED-217), and Formal Methods (DO-333 / ED-216).

Cenelec En50128 Cover

AdaCore Technologies for CENELEC EN 50128:2011

This document presents the usage of AdaCore’s technology in conjunction with the CENELEC EN 50128:2011 standard. It describes where the technology fits best and how it can best be used to meet various requirements of the standard.


Our tools and technologies are also useful for developers who need to certify their software with respect to standards that are not safety-related, such as the FACE™ (Future Airborne Capability Environment) Technical Standard. With AdaCore’s products, developers can meet the relevant conformance requirements while gaining additional benefit in terms of assurance (reliability, safety, and/or security).

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CWE Compatibility

Several of our tools have been approved as CWE-compatible by The MITRE Corporation, reflecting their utility in detecting dangerous programming errors identified in the Common Weakness Enumeration.

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