GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite (DAS)

Using dynamic analysis suites is a rich subject matter, with many specificities due to the large variety of codebases and team workflows that exist. Through a combination of presentation, practical exercises, and code walkthrough, this training will bring the team to take ownership of the full GNAT DAS as well as provide an important stepping stone to perform state-of-the-art dynamic analysis of your codebase.

Target Audience

Ada projects interested in making full use of dynamic analysis in Ada: unit testing, code coverage analysis, fuzzing, and Continuous Integration (CI) automations. All stakeholders in the software development and test lifecycle can benefit from this knowledge, to include developers, testers and quality assurance personnel.

Course Duration

3+ days, depending on tailored training plan.


Prior knowledge and familiarity with a compiled language (C, C++, Java…). Knowledge of Ada is a plus.

A current license and installation of GNAT DAS is required.

Course Contents

This course offering is tailored to individual customer needs. To define the content unique to your configuration, please contact your sales representative directly.

Please contact an AdaCore sales representative with any questions or requests for this training course via: