GNAT Static Analysis Suite (SAS)

Static analysis is a complex subject, which the GNAT SAS is meant to help you tackle. Through a mix of training, dedicated “mini-mentorship”, and customization work, AdaCore can help you set up a fully functional static analysis workflow on your codebase, adapted to your use case.

Target Audience

Ada projects interested in making full use of Ada static analysis tools: coding standard checking, certifiable run-time and logic analysis, defect-search with configurable heuristics, static analysis workflow Continuous Integration (CI) automation. All stakeholders in the software development and test lifecycle can benefit from this knowledge, to include developers, testers and quality assurance personnel.

Course Duration

3+ days, depending on tailored training plan.


Prior knowledge and familiarity with a compiled language (C, C++, Java…). Knowledge of Ada is a plus.

A current license and installation of GNAT SAS is required.

Course Contents

At a minimum, this course includes the basics:

  • Introduction to static analysis concepts

  • Applying a standard configuration to your development environment

  • SAS tools overview
    • Rules for coding standards

    • Source code analysis

If customization unique to your workflow is required, please let us know in your AdaCore request. We can tailor this course offering to include such options as:

  • Customizing coding standard rules for your development environment

  • Updating codebase standards (e.g., from Ada 95 to Ada 2022)

  • Generation of reports (and integration into your review workflow using CI)
    • Coding standard violations

    • Code metrics

    • Runtime and logic issues