AdaCore Announces the First Qualification of a Rust Compiler

AdaCore Announces the First Qualification of a Rust Compiler

TUV SUD has issued the first-ever certificate of qualification for a Rust compiler under ISO 26262.

AdaCore, a trusted provider of software development and verification tools, today announced that TÜV SÜD issued the first ever qualification certificate of a Rust compiler, for use for the development of software applications seeking ISO 26262’s highest certification level, ASIL D. This qualification has been achieved as part of a partnership that concluded earlier this year, in which AdaCore provided instrumental support.

AdaCore has extensive experience qualifying toolchains for use in certification contexts: this qualification of the Rust compiler marks the 17th toolchain qualification completed successfully by AdaCore. Qualifying a compiler to this level requires significant supporting documentation. AdaCore’s lengthy experience with qualification and certification allowed us to shorten this qualification cycle by following the right qualification approach from the beginning.

“This qualification of the Rust compiler marks the culmination of over two years of effort,” said Hristian Kirtchev, Technical Lead of GNAT Pro for Rust at AdaCore. “This Rust compiler is based on version 1.68 of rustc, the Rust compiler developed by the upstream community. To achieve this qualification, we first identified a supported subset of the Rust programming language, then developed a rigorous specification of the supported language features, then traced upstream tests to the specification and developed additional tests when needed, and finally conducted formal testing of the compiler that targets the end-user’s platform using the end-user’s selected compiler switches. The result is the highest confidence that the compiler will generate correct code for the end-user’s certifiable applications.”

AdaCore will build upon the successful completion of this qualification project to position GNAT Pro for Rust for certifiable safety- and security-critical applications.

“The use of a programming language in a certification context requires three things: a qualified toolchain, certified runtime libraries, and qualified support tools,” said Tony Aiello, Product Manager for GNAT Pro for Rust at AdaCore. “Qualification of the toolchain is the first step towards covering customer certification needs. GNAT Pro for Rust will provide customers with a complete solution for certifiable use of Rust.”

AdaCore foresees that customers will want to take advantage of Rust’s rich language features, many of which require support from Rust’s runtime libraries. Furthermore, certification standards require many additional activities that necessitate the support of qualified tools to be conducted at scale, such as code coverage and demonstration of adherence to coding standards.

GNAT Pro for Rust builds on the lessons learned from this compiler qualification to offer customers a complete toolchain that can be qualified and delivered with certified runtime libraries and qualified support tools.

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