CodePeer 21.x

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CodePeer 19.x


  • New HTML interface using state of the art web technology.
  • Client/Server interface in GPS to load CodePeer results and perform manual reviews.
  • Improved display of backtraces associated with precondition messages.
  • Detailed timing information

Improved user experience

  • New user entry level: redesigned "level 0" including new checkers, enabled by default (-level 0).
  • Simple "getting started quickly" mode for new users without requiring any complex project set up (--simple-project).
  • Security report
  • Major documentation updates, including many typical workflows
  • GNATcheck integration
  • Ability to show only new messages (-show-added), compare any two runs
  • Filter messages via a command line switch (--be-messages=).
  • Reproducible successive runs
  • Ability to perform manual reviews from a spreadsheet
  • Improved precision and analysis time

See a demo of what's new in CodePeer 19 ยป

CodePeer 18.x

  • DO178 qualification material updated to DO178C, with an extended Ada language subset support (added exceptions, exception handlers, modular types, access types, access checks, generic units)
  • Improved User Experience
    • Integration of GNAT warnings in CodePeer results (--gnat-warnings switch)
    • More detailed CSV output
    • Integration of compiler specific packages for easier analysis of non GNAT code.
    • Automatic use of the Ada runtime from your GNAT installation
    • Improved performance
  • Reduced False Positives
    • Much better handling of validity check messages
    • Better handling of calls to unknown subprograms
    • More automatic loop unrolling