CodePeer Product Update

The CodePeer Tool Suite is a set of static analysis tools for the Ada programming language designed to help developers, reviewers, and testers detect bugs and vulnerabilities in Ada code. The tool suite includes the CodePeer advanced static analysis tool, the GNATcheck coding standard checking tool, the GNATmetric statistical analysis tool, and the GNAT Studio IDE which give developers a comprehensive view of the health and quality of their source code from an integrated and modern development environment.

AdaCore's release of version 21.0 of the CodePeer Advanced Static Analysis Tool Suite is here! The release includes a multitude of new features, in addition to bug fixes and stability enhancements to improve the tools' user experience.

Check out this video to get a quick overview of the tool suite, see the new features integrated into the new release of the technology, and get an understanding of how the CodePeer Advanced Static Analysis Tool Suite can improve your software development life cycle.

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