Enterprise Qualification Package

A Trusted Code Generator for your Entire Enterprise

QGen is the first qualifiable code generator for a safe subset of the Simulink®/Stateflow® modeling languages, which generates C or Ada source code directly from the model without human intervention. The QGen code generator is being qualified at Tool Qualification Level 1 (TQL-1), which is the highest level of qualification recognized by the FAA and DO-178C standard.

What it means to use a Trusted Code Generator

As a trusted, qualifiable code generator, QGen can be used as a software criteria 1 tool where the source code it generates is directly usable within the most critical applications without further manual review. The QGen qualification kit enables QGen to be qualified for a given project, as part of the overall safety certification process. By adopting QGen as your trusted, qualifiable code generator for Simulink/Stateflow, your enterprise can gain a number of advantages in your use of model-based engineering:

Collins Aerospace selects AdaCore's QGen Code Generator to Streamline Model-Based Development.

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Exact Semantic Equivalence

The fundamental goal of a qualified code generator is to ensure that the software that is auto-generated has semantics that are exactly equivalent to the original model, ensuring that any activities performed at the model level through simulation will produce identical behavior on the final target. Your QGen qualification kit includes all the evidence required to demonstrate this equivalence, including all of the standard tool qualification documents (TQP, TDP, etc.).

Safe and Rich Modeling Subset

QGen comes with a carefully and rigorously defined safe subset of the Simulink/Stateflow language. This safe subset, which includes over 100 Simulink blocks, was defined and validated in collaboration with our customers, and covers the full set of modeling features that are important in the kinds of mission-critical systems that your enterprise is building, but leaves out features whose semantics might be hard to define formally, or whose translation to source code might be hard to verify.

Streamlines Application Certification

By adopting QGen for your enterprise, your projects can see dramatic reductions in time and energy devoted to manual examination of generated source code. Many DO-178C/ DO-331 objectives from tables MB.A-4 through MB.A-7 are achieved automatically. QGen ensures that source-code-level coverage efforts can be effectively eliminated once higher-level model-level coverage has been achieved. There are no surprises because the QGen code generator used on a daily basis and the qualified code generator share a single highly reliable and efficient autocoding technology. Overall, adopting QGen can save your projects thousands of hours of effort, while providing additional guarantees of safety to your customers.

Integrated with Full Toolsuite

The AdaCore QGen tool suite includes a model debugger that operates in the target environment, but at the Simulink model level, meaning your developers can step through their system at the model level, verifying that states and signal levels match expectations, while delving deeper into places where unexpected results occur. Tests run using simulation can be repeated on the target, with back-to-back output verification. This same debugger also supports the debugging of hand-written C or Ada code, which might be linked with the auto-generated code

How Enterprise Qualification Can Benefit Your Organization

QGen is now available for your entire organization as part of our QGen Enterprise Qualification Package. The QGen Enterprise Qualification Package allows your organization to perform most development and verification activities through model simulation, dramatically reducing the verification activities you need to perform on the generated source code. QGen Enterprise enables even your smallest projects to include a TQL-1 autocode generator in their contract bids, to provide more value at lower cost.

By adopting the QGen Enterprise Qualification Package, all of your projects wanting to use model-based engineering can gain the value of a trusted code generator. The QGen Enterprise Qualification Package has a number of unique features:

Flexible Enterprise-Wide License

All of your projects, both big and small, can make use of the QGen Enterprise Qualification Package, which can provide real cost savings, while making your projects more competitive and efficient. The Qualification Kit is jointly developed by AdaCore and their partner Verocel.

Available as an Annual Subscription

The Enterprise Qualification Package can be licensed as an annual subscription, with a new qualification provided every year, so your projects will not be locked into an out-of-date set of tools. Each year a new qualification kit can be requested, for a new version of Simulink/Stateflow, a new target programming language, a new certification authority, etc.

Engineering and Audit Support by the Experts

The same warranties are provided to all of your projects, including expert support for certification audits. For ongoing support, the engineers who developed QGen are also the ones who support it on a daily basis.

DO-331 Certification Credits from QGen TQL1 Qualification and its Process

DO-331 Table





Covered objectives

Objective 5

Objectives 1-6

Objectives 3-4

Objectives 5-8

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