LatenceTech: Innovating Network Tools

LatenceTech: Innovating Network Tools

In the context of the evolving telecommunications industry, characterized by the emergence of 5G and a surge of connected devices in IoT, LatenceTech, founded in Montreal, Canada, by former Ericsson senior executive Benoit Gendron, identified a specific need for specialized network tools focusing on precise latency measurement. “This precision is essential for the functionality of applications such as autonomous vehicles and connected robotics. Current technologies, including Ping, ICMP, and even advanced protocols like TWAMP (co-developed by Cisco), still do not meet this requirement entirely.” To address this, Gendron’s team deployed monitoring agents into client networks, explicitly focusing on measuring and managing network latency. This approach extends traditional methods to a strategy that balances data analysis and performance optimization. The objective is to redefine performance metrics by emphasizing the quality of network experience rather than relying solely on conventional, quantitative data metrics.

See Ada in action: LatenceTech's journey with AdaCore stable and resource-efficient network tools, elevating telecom standards. Download the case study

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LatenceTech, a Canadian telecom startup, specializes in high-precision network latency tools for 5G and IoT.

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Their main challenge was to refine quantitative latency metrics into practical strategies, thereby enhancing Quality of Service (QoS) and clients' satisfaction with network performance.

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LatenceTech first used C# and Python for their Minimum Viable Product (MVP), then moved to Scala for better alignment with industry standards. Finally, they adopted Ada for its proven support for high-assurance systems, culminating in a successful collaboration with Orange, a leading French telecom provider, for energy-efficient network bandwidth testing.

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Results and Benefits

LatenceTech used AdaCore’s GNAT Pro for Ada to create stable and resource-efficient network tools, successfully meeting real-time telecom demands. The case study demonstrates AdaCore's tools as a practical development and verification environment for complex network applications, highlighting AdaCore's support for telecom innovation.

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