GNAT Studio Product Update

GNAT Studio is a powerful and intuitive IDE that supports the full development workflow, from coding to system integration, testing, debugging, and code analysis. It is particularly well-suited for programmers using Ada, SPARK, C and C++. 

This year the interface remains the same on the outside, but we have a new engine behind GNAT Studio: the Ada Language Server (ALS). This new engine is based on Libadalang and isn't compiler-dependent, compared to our previous technology that depended on ALI files generated from a compilation. ALS uses the Microsoft Language Server Protocol (LSP), that defines a standard communication method to connect development tools with local language servers. This common framework makes it easy for IDEs to support more languages, and it makes it possible for language-specific code to be reused. It also gives the possibility to not use GNAT Studio at all and enjoy Ada functionality in a number of other IDEs.

Check out this video to see how these new changes make GNAT Studio more efficient, more reliable, and more maintainable.

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Up Next in AdaCore Product Update 2020

GNAT Coverage

We’re excited to show you what GNATcoverage can do. Check out this video to learn just how easy GNATcoverage is to use, and how the new capabilities can help you meet the highest software quality standards.

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