GNATcoverage Product Update

GNATcoverage is an all-in-one code coverage analysis tool. It thoroughly tracks the execution of your program and records this information in a trace file. 

This year, GNATcoverage offers source code instrumentation capabilities that make code analysis more accessible, more versatile, and much, much faster on native platforms. It also allows the technology to be used across the board, alongside on all targets and all versions of the GNAT Pro technology.

We’re excited to show you what GNATcoverage can do. Check out this video to learn just how easy GNATcoverage is to use, and how the new capabilities can help you meet the highest software quality standards.

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Up Next in AdaCore Product Update 2020


Check out this video to get a quick overview of the tool suite, see the new features integrated into the new release of the technology, and get an understanding of how the CodePeer Advanced Static Analysis Tool Suite can improve your software development life cycle.

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