AdaCore Releases GNAT Pro 17 Development Environment for SYSGO’s PikeOS RTOS

AdaCore/SYSGO Partnership Fosters Spread of Embedded Ada

TOULOUSE, France, Certification Together International Conference, March 21, 2017 - AdaCore today announced the release of its GNAT Pro 17.1 development environment for SYSGO’s Real-Time Operating System PikeOS®. With GNAT Pro 17.1, Ada users targeting PikeOS® will see a number of product enhancements, including upgrades to the underlying code generator and debugger technologies (to GCC 6 and GDB 7.10, respectively), better elaboration order handling, improved stubbing in GNATtest, and enhanced debugger support in the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) IDE.

AdaCore and SYSGO are longtime partners in the embedded market, with Ada’s reliability benefits providing an excellent match for SYSGO’s safety-critical PikeOS® RTOS. Over the past several years, the companies’ joint customers have developed certified Ada applications meeting the highest levels in software standards such as EN 50128 (rail).

GNAT Pro for PikeOS® is especially suited for high-assurance embedded applications, thanks to its configurable run-time capability and its high-integrity profiles. The Zero Footprint (ZFP) profile minimizes (and in fact generally eliminates completely) all code in the executable other than the compiler-generated code for the application, and applications needing concurrency support can take advantage of both simple and extended versions of the Ravenscar tasking profile.

“Supporting RTOSes that help our customers build software that matters is part of our core strategy at AdaCore,” said Jamie Ayre, Commercial Team Lead at AdaCore. “Over the years, customers have benefited from a close integration of our technologies and the common goal of providing a solid platform for building high-integrity software.”

“For the past 10 years, SYSGO and AdaCore have enjoyed an effective and synergistic cooperation,” said Markus Jastroch, Director of Marketing at SYSGO AG. “Our shared experience and deep knowledge of safety-critical applications has benefited our customers, in one example helping a multicore project successfully achieve Safety Integrity Level SIL 4."

About AdaCore
Founded in 1994, AdaCore supplies software development and verification tools for mission-critical, safety-critical and security-critical systems. Four flagship products highlight the company’s offerings:

  1. The GNAT Pro development environment for Ada, a complete toolset for designing, implementing, and managing applications that demand high reliability and maintainability,
  2. The CodePeer advanced static analysis tool, an automatic Ada code reviewer and validator that can detect and eliminate errors both during development and retrospectively on existing software,
  3. The SPARK Pro verification environment, a toolset based on formal methods and oriented toward high-assurance systems, and
  4. The QGen model-based development tool, a qualifiable and customizable code generator and verifier for Simulink® and Stateflow® models, intended for safety-critical control systems.

Over the years, customers have used AdaCore products to field and maintain a wide range of critical applications in domains, such as railway systems, space systems, commercial avionics, military systems, air traffic management/control, medical devices and financial services. AdaCore has an extensive and growing worldwide customer base; see for further information.

AdaCore products are open source and come with expert online support provided by the developers themselves. The company has North American headquarters in New York and European headquarters in Paris.

SYSGO is the leading European provider of real-time operating systems for critical and certified embedded applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s software platform PikeOS®, a hard real-time operating system with hypervisor functionality, allows critical and non-critical applications to run securely on the same hardware, reducing footprint, hardware cost, energy consumption and weight. PikeOS® has been designed from the start for mission-critical projects with certification requirements for various safety and security standards such as DO-178B/C, IEC 61508, EN 50128, and IEC 15408 (Common Criteria).

80% of SYSGO engineers have certification experience, and customers are supported throughout the entire certification process and supply certification details and documentation. These customers are leading players in the aerospace & defense, railway, automotive and industrial automation industries.

SYSGO was founded in 1991 and has been an independent entity within the Thales Group since 2012. SYSGO staff comprises approximately 125 employees in Germany, France, UK and the Czech Republic, and the company is certified for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

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Pricing and Availability
The GNAT Pro 17.1 Ada development environment for PikeOS is available now. Please contact AdaCore ( for information on product pricing and supported configurations.

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