AdaCore Tools Streamline Development of Safe, Secure, Automotive and Autonomous System Software

AdaCore’s advanced software development and verification tools help enhance the safety and security of automotive, autonomous, and advanced driver-assistance systems while facilitating future technology upgrades and requirements.

TU-Automotive Detroit, Booth #B147

 NOVI, Mich., June 6, 2018 – TU-Automotive Detroit –AdaCore, with headquarters in New York and Paris, is presenting its latest software development and verification environments for safety-critical applications in Booth #B147 at TU-Automotive Detroit this week. Company personnel are demonstrating how AdaCore products can streamline the production and verification of safe, secure, high-integrity software such as is found in automotive, autonomous, and advanced driver-assistance systems. These products include the QGen qualifiable model-based development and verification toolsuite, which generates code in MISRA-C or the formally analyzable SPARK language, from a safe subset of Simulink®and Stateflow®models; the GNAT Pro Ada, C, and C++ development environments; the SPARK Pro formal methods-based analysis tools; and the CodePeer advanced static analyzer for Ada, which can detect vulnerabilities including several from the SANS/CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors.

 Software engineers working on automotive platforms and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are under tremendous pressure to bring innovations to market ahead of competitors, while also ensuring system safety, security, reliability, and adherence to changing requirements. AdaCore’s broad portfolio of tools helps to alleviate pressure and aids in the development, verification, and deployment of safe, secure, next-generation vehicles and systems.

 Self-driving cars are among the most complex vehicles ever made with the most sophisticated software – the lines of code in which exceed those in a modern commercial jet – designed to operate in densely populated, largely unpredictable environments. An ADAS combines a wealth of electronic, electro-optic, and compute components and systems – each with its own sophisticated software and each integral to safety – that must work together flawlessly and perform sensor fusion, machine learning, and data processing in real time to navigate public roadways safely.

 Transportation safety experts, including the U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), are encouraging automotive and ADAS engineers to use systems engineering principles successfully employed for decades in aerospace and defense (A&D) programs, known for requiring strict adherence to evolving regulations.

 The DoT’s Automated Driving Systems 2.0: A Vision for Safetyurges technology companies working on ADAS to adopt guidance, best practices, design principles, and standards from industries such as aviation, space, and the military. The NHTSA Automotive Electronics Reliability Research Program recommends adherence to ISO 26262, an international automotive safety standard that addresses the growing number of software-intensive features in modern road vehicles and emphasizes the value of verification, including testing and static analysis, at the software level.

AdaCore in High-Assurance Domains

AdaCore is the leading developer of cutting-edge software development and verification tools based on the highly secure and reliable Ada language. The company’s GNAT Pro, CodePeer, SPARK, and QGen have been the software development and verification tools of choice for safety-critical, high-security, and mission-critical applications in aerospace and defense, as well as a growing number of markets, including automotive, railway, energy, medical and finance. The SPARK technology is proving to be particularly attractive in the automotive domain and has been used to prove Freedom from Interference, simplifying the development of safety-critical applications in an ISO 26262 context.

 Software engineers working on cutting-edge, safety-critical systems and platforms – ranging from unmanned vehicles to the latest artificial heart – continue to trust AdaCore solutions for their full software development workflow, from coding to system integration, testing, debugging, and subsequent maintenance upgrades. AdaCore brings the same development environment and tools used to build life-critical commercial avionics, mission-critical military systems, and high-reliability space platforms to makers of automotive and advanced driver-assistance systems.

 “The public is looking to the automotive engineering community for assurances as to the safety and security of all systems upon which autonomous vehicles rely, particularly in the wake of recent accidents,” acknowledges Jamie Ayre, Commercial Director at AdaCore. “AdaCore enables developers working on critical automotive applications to optimize their development, verification, and certification processes to decrease the likelihood of imperfection in the software and to augment system quality, reliability, security, and safety.”

 AdaCore has the expertise and advanced tools to help ADAS developers:

-      Build and verify high-integrity software for safety-critical applications;

-      Meet or exceed evolving (and inevitable) standards and regulations;

-      Streamline software development and testing to save time and money, and bring products to market faster with safety and security assurances;

-       Work seamlessly with multiple programming languages and workflow tools;

-      Support new technology insertion to upgrade systems with added features and capabilities to continue to compete and meet customer needs; and

-      Keep pace with and adhere to future safety, security, and certification requirements in an evolving regulatory landscape.

 Visit AdaCore in Booth #B147 at TU-Automotive Detroit, 6–7 June 2018, in Novi, Michigan, or visit to learn more about the company’s robust, feature-rich software suite – including QGen, GNAT Pro, CodePeer, and SPARK Pro – and the benefits they bring to software engineers working on safety-critical projects, such as cutting-edge ADAS, autonomous, and automotive platforms.

AdaCore for ADAS 

AdaCore tools for ADAS, autonomous, and automotive software development and verification include:

  • The GNAT Pro development environment for Ada, C, and C++, a complete toolset for designing, implementing, and managing applications that demand high reliability and maintainability;
  • The CodePeer advanced static analysis tool, an automatic Ada code reviewer and validator that can detect and eliminate errors both during development and retrospectively on existing software;
  • The SPARK Pro verification environment, a toolset based on formal methods and oriented toward high-assurance systems; and,
  • The QGen model-based development tool suite for safety-critical control systems, providing a qualifiable and customizable code generator and static verifier for Simulink®and Stateflow® models, and a model-level debugger.

 About AdaCore Founded in 1994, AdaCore supplies software development and verification tools for mission-critical, safety-critical, and security-critical systems. Over the years, customers have used AdaCore products to field and maintain a wide range of critical applications in domains such as commercial avionics, automotive, railway, space, military systems, air traffic management/control, medical devices, and financial services. AdaCore has an extensive and growing worldwide customer base; see for further information.

 AdaCore products are open source and come with expert online support provided by the developers themselves. The company has North American headquarters in New York and European headquarters in Paris.

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