GNAT Pro Product Update

GNAT Pro is a robust and flexible Ada, C and C++ development environment. It comprises a toolchain based on the GNU GCC technology; an Integrated Development Environment (GNAT Studio); a comprehensive toolsuite, including a visual debugger; and a set of libraries, bindings and tools.

GNAT Pro is upgraded annually, and Version 21.0, released earlier this month, adds support for a number of new platforms, including VxWorks 600+ on x86 / ARM / PowerPC; C++ availability on all VxWorks 7 ports; Windows-hosted Linux cross for ARM (PowerPC is also available); and RISC-V 32 on bare metal. Version 21.0 also adds a number of key features, including a more powerful CCG (Common Code Generator), new Libadalang capabilities for Ada code analysis, and support for key features of the Ada 202X standard. All of these upgrades are designed to better support multi-language and safety-critical development as well as  security vulnerability resilience.

Check out this video to learn how GNAT Pro’s new platforms, tools and libraries can help kick your workflow up to the next level.

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GNAT Studio

Check out this video to see how these new changes make GNAT Studio more efficient, more reliable, and more maintainable.

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