Wind River To Distribute Ada Core Technologies' GNAT Pro Ada 95 Technology

Ada Core Technologies Joins Wind River Direct, Extending Wind River's Product Portfolio-Simplifying Military and Aerospace Development

NEW YORK, NY / ALAMEDA, CA, USA - Ada Core Technologies/ACT Europe and Wind River Systems, Inc (Nasdaq: WIND) today announced that Wind River has selected Ada Core Technologies as its Ada technology supplier in the Wind River Direct program. Through this program, customers will be able to purchase Ada Core Tecnologies' complete GNAT Pro Ada 95 development environments for Wind River's Tornado® integrated development environment (IDE), VxWorks® real-time operating system (RTOS), Tornado DO-178B, and Tornado AE products, directly from the Wind River sales force.

"Ada Core Technologies' GNAT Pro Ada 95 development environment combined with Wind River's Tornado tools is a winning combination for the military and aerospace market," said Curt Schacker, vice president of marketing and corporate development for Wind River. "Developers can now purchase this complete solution directly from Wind River, speeding their time to market with reliable and safety-critical applications. "We are pleased to be working closely with Wind River to provide the best Ada 95 solution in the embedded market. Our GNAT Pro for Tornado IDE, Tornado DO-178B and Tornado AE products will give users the tools they need to develop reliable applications with fast, predictable performance," said Franco Gasperoni, managing director of ACT Europe, the European affiliate of Ada Core Technologies.

"We expect Tornado DO-178B and GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition to become the solution of choice for safety-critical systems where there is a requirement for certification," added Robert Dewar, president of Ada Core Technologies.

Fully integrated into the Tornado IDE and VxWorks RTOS, GNAT Pro is a complete Ada 95 implementation for the VxWorks RTOS. GNAT Pro offers users the power and reliability of Ada 95 combined with a familiar tool suite, interoperability with other languages, and easy interfacing to third-party tools such as configuration management systems.

About Ada 95

Ada 95 is an internationally standardized (ISO) programming language designed for large-scale and reliability-critical applications. It offers a unique combination of object-oriented programming features, well-engineered concurrency facilities, and real-time support.

About GNAT Pro

Our flagship product, GNAT Pro, is the premier Ada 95 development environment. Based on GNU/GCC technology, GNAT Pro is available on a large number of platforms,from workstations to PCs to embedded systems. It is the only complete implementation of the ISO Ada 95 language. GNAT Pro is complemented by several products providing leading-edge technology in areas such as high-integrity systems, GUI building, distributed systems and web programming.

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