Ada Core Technologies to Build an Ada95 Compiler and Development Environment for SGI ALTIX

NEW YORK, NY, USA - Ada Core Technologies, the leader in Ada 95 solutions and providers of the GNAT Pro Ada development tool suite, today announced it is expanding its support agreement with Silicon Graphics (NYSE: SGI). The new agreement will include the development and support of the GNAT Pro product line on the SGI® Altix® family of superclusters and servers, which feature the 64-bit Intel® Itanium® 2 processor and the Linux® operating system.

Since its launch just over a year ago, SGI Altix has become the first Linux OS-based system to scale to 256 Itanium 2 processors in a single system image-and thousands more via clustering-using the powerful SGI® NUMAflex global shared-memory architecture. The Altix architecture handles large data sets with ease, giving software developers an opportunity to provide 64-bit Linux applications to customers in manufacturing, oil and gas exploration, homeland security, earth and environmental sciences research, and life sciences.

"SGI is creating a new path for its traditional Ada95 customers who use systems based on MIPS processors and IRIX operating systems so that they will be able to benefit from the tremendous performance and price advantages of the Altix server family." said Wes Embry, Western Regional Director of Ada Core Technologies.

"The GNAT Pro Ada 95 Development Environment has been a crucial offering for numerous SGI customers for many years now and continues to be moving forward," said Anneke Dempsey, Senior Director of Global Alliances, SGI. "SGI is pleased to expand this long-term relationship with Ada Core Technologies so that the Ada 95 tools, libraries, and IDE, along with Ada Core Technologies services, will also be available to Altix developers and customers. This agreement will allow SGI and Ada Core Technologies to leverage the strengths of both companies to better serve our mutual customers effectively."

Ada Core Technologies' newly released integrated development environment (IDE), called the GNAT Programming System (GPS), will be included as part of the Ada Core Technologies solution for Altix. SGI customers will discover how this extensible technology not only increases the efficiency of individual contributors, but also improves the overall productivity and communication of entire teams and projects without being subject to the risks of using proprietary IDE's for this important task.

SGI has a long history of building high-performance computing systems that perform well with Ada applications, and has worked with Ada Core Technologies for nearly a decade. The SGI Altix server port is the latest and most exciting chapter of this story.

"This agreement continues the long relationship that SGI and AdaCore have enjoyed together. SGI was Ada Core Technologies' very first customer," said Embry. "Both parties are continuing to work together to ensure that a top quality Ada 95 development environment is available on SGI systems."

Ada Core Technologies will continue to provide its Premium level service to all SGI customers who purchased Ada 95 compiler support contracts for the MIPS® processor and IRIX® OS-based product family and will be developing technology to aid those customers choosing to transition from this processor architecture to the new Itanium 2 processor-based Altix family.

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About AdaCore

Ada Core Technologies, a privately held company founded in 1994, with major offices in New York City and Paris, produces and supports the GNAT Pro family of open-source Ada 95 software development environments. Based on the GNU GCC technology, GNAT is available on more platforms than any other Ada compiler and is the only implementation of the complete Ada 95 language, including all the Specialized Needs Annexes. GNAT Pro, the professional edition of the GNAT technology and the premier Ada development environment on the market, is used on enterprise-critical projects encompassing areas such as low-level communications control, high-integrity real-time applications and large-scale distributed systems.

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