Ada Core Technologies awarded HP contract for porting Ada Toolset to HP OpenVMS for Itanium

GNAT Pro Ada 95 Toolset and HP's OpenVMS Provide Solid Foundation for Software Development

NEW YORK, NY, USA - Ada Core Technologies, the leader in GNAT and Ada 95 technology is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract by HP Computer Corporation to implement the GNAT Pro Ada 95 Tool Suite on the HP OpenVMS operating system for the Itanium Processor Family.

This contract involves the provision of an Ada 95 compiler, an accompanying toolset integrated into the OpenVMS development platform, and project support.

Ada on OpenVMS is an excellent match, observed Ada Core Technologies' President and CEO Robert Dewar, Over the years, both Ada and HP's OpenVMS operating system have enjoyed well-deserved reputations for reliability, and we expect that the port of GNAT to the new HP OpenVMS on Itanium platform will give users a solid foundation for software development.

The port of GNAT Pro Ada 95 is expected to play a key role in the port of HP OpenVMS to the Itanium Processor Family. This port is expected to be upwards compatible with both HP Ada (Ada 83), and the existing port of GNAT Pro for OpenVMS on HP AlphaServer systems. It will provide 100% full Ada 95 functionality including relevant special needs annex support.

We are pleased to have such a respected industry leader as Ada Core Technologies working with us, states Mark Gorham, vice president of HP's OpenVMS Systems Group. With their expertise, we expect to be well positioned to continue our commitment to our key government and private sector customers.

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About Ada 95

Ada 95 is an internationally standardized programming language designed for building large-scale and highly-reliable mission critical applications. It offers a unique combination of object-oriented programming features, well-engineered concurrency facilities, and real-time support.

About Ada Core Technologies

Ada Core Technologies, a privately-held company founded in the mid-nineties, with major offices in New York City and Paris, produces and supports the GNAT family of open-source Ada 95 software development environments. Based on the GNU GCC technology, GNAT is available on more platforms than any other Ada compiler and is the only implementation of the complete Ada 95 language. GNAT Pro, the professional edition of the GNAT technology and the premier Ada development environment on the market, is used on enterprise-critical projects encompassing areas such as low-level communications control, high-integrity real-time applications, and large-scale distributed systems.

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