AdaCore Announces GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for MILS

New Member of the GNAT Pro Family to Support Multiple Independent Levels of Security

NEW YORK, PARIS, and SAN DIEGO, November 17, 2008 - MILCOM 2008 - AdaCore, provider of the highest quality Ada tools and support, today announced plans to fully support the VxWorks MILS product line for medium and high security levels of the Common Criteria: Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4 and above. GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for MILS is a full-featured Ada development environment and toolchain based on the proven GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B. It includes the Cert run-time library that is part of numerous safety-certified systems and which can meet Common Criteria Security Assurance Requirements equivalent to EAL 4.

The Ada language has a long history of satisfying requirements for developing safe and secure systems and is in use in many flight-critical avionics applications. Several of these have been certified to DO-178B Level A, the highest criticality level. AdaCore’s GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B run-time library has been or will be certified to DO-178B Level A in multiple avionics systems, including those on the Boeing 787, C-130AMP and KC-767. Industry studies have shown that this certification evidence satisfies EAL 4 security requirements.

In the case of high security systems, EALs above 4 require semiformal or formal methods depending on the level. AdaCore has entered into a strategic partnership with Praxis High Integrity Systems to meet this goal. Praxis, along with the NSA and AdaCore, recently announced the release of the Tokeneer project for public availability. Tokeneer is a research project funded by the NSA that used the Praxis Correctness by Construction methodology and the Ada-based SPARK language to build a high security application. The project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget. The final product was developed to be able to meet EAL 5. The partnership between AdaCore and Praxis will see the integration of the SPARK technology with the GNAT Pro High Integrity Edition for MILS product line to offer tools to meet these higher levels of security. See:

In addition AdaCore has entered into partnerships with leading class vendors to provide a total package to satisfy high security application development needs. At the core of this partnership is Wind River with its upcoming VxWorks MILS Platform 2.0. This platform is currently undergoing security certification and will be certified to the Common Criteria for the Separation Kernel Protection Profile, which requires EAL 6+. For communication within and across partitions, AdaCore has partnerships with both RTI and OIS that offer off-the-shelf products supporting middle-ware DDS or CORBA based communications for the MILS architecture. These components allow developers to meet security levels of EAL 4 or higher.

“AdaCore is providing a unique addition to our VxWorks MILS platform,” said Marc Brown, Vice President of VxWorks Marketing at Wind River. “The VxWorks MILS platform will provide the secure underlying architecture required to meet top levels of security. The GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for MILS provides a tool set to help developers meet these stringent security requirements for their application development.”

“AdaCore has a long history supporting embedded application projects where safety and reliability are key concerns,” said Robert Dewar, President and CEO of AdaCore. “We believe our past experience with safety-critical systems provides a natural basis for supporting high-security application development. The combination of our own expertise with our partners makes this new product unique in the industry for security application development.”

“Praxis and AdaCore have been partners for several years,” said Rod Chapman, Principal Engineer with Praxis High Integrity Systems Ltd. “The GNAT Pro tool sets have been successfully used on a range of systems, including those with stringent safety and security requirements. This partnership allows Praxis to lend its security expertise, SPARK language and tool set as part of a joint package to meet high-level security development project requirements.”

Pricing and Availability
The GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for MILS is available immediately for the VxWorks MILS product line. Please contact AdaCore ( for the latest information on pricing and supported configurations.

About GNAT Pro
The GNAT Pro development environment, available on more platforms than any other Ada toolset, combines industry-leading technology with an expert support infrastructure and provides a natural solution for organizations that need to create reliable, efficient, and maintainable code. GNAT Pro is the first-to-market implementation of the Ada 2005 standard, allowing users to take advantage of the many enhancements in areas such as object-oriented programming, real-time support, and predefined libraries.

At the heart of GNAT Pro is a full-featured, multi-language development environment complete with libraries, bindings, and a range of supplementary tools. All GNAT Pro technology is distributed with complete source code. GNAT Pro is based on the widely used GCC technology, is subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process, and is backed by rapid and expert support service.

About AdaCore
Founded in 1994, AdaCore is the leading provider of commercial software solutions for Ada, a state-of-the-art programming language designed for large, long-lived applications where safety, security, and reliability are critical. AdaCore's flagship product is the GNAT Pro development environment, which comes with expert on-line support and is available on more platforms than any other Ada technology. AdaCore has an extensive world-wide customer base; see for further information.

Ada and GNAT Pro see a growing usage in high-integrity and safety-certified applications, including commercial aircraft avionics, military systems, air traffic management/control, railroad systems, and medical devices, and in security-sensitive domains such as financial services.

AdaCore has North American headquarters in New York and European headquarters in Paris.

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