AdaCore Announces the GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B

Specialized development environment and tool set supporting safety-critical standards

NEW YORK and TAMPA, Fla., June 19, 2007 - Systems & Software Technology Conference - AdaCore, provider of the highest-quality Ada tools and support services, today announced the immediate availability of the GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B. The product is a specialized version of GNAT Pro that provides an independently certified development environment and tool set specifically targeted towards developers needing to satisfy this demanding safety-critical standard. It is the first in a series of specialized High-Integrity Edition packages designed to provide complete support for specific safety or security industry requirements, such as RTCA DO-178B / EUROCAE ED-12B and other high-integrity standards. Additional High-Integrity Edition packages will be announced as they become available.

“AdaCore recognizes that our customers require off-the-shelf solutions to meet high-reliability and safety-critical software development standards,” said Robert Dewar, President of AdaCore. "Customers are currently using GNAT Pro to develop avionics systems that need to satisfy the DO-178B Level A standard, and our run-time library has been certified to meet these requirements. The GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B provides the associated life-cycle artifacts along with the development tools necessary to comply with this and similar safety-critical standards.”

AdaCore has also taken the additional step of having an independent organization perform the full certification of the Ada run-time library that is available for GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B. Verocel, a company with recognized expertise in this domain, has developed the certification package.

“AdaCore has a consistent policy of using world-class experts to prepare certification materials to ensure that certification is 100% independent and not influenced by the development team,” stated Robert Dewar. "The effectiveness of DO-178B relies on an impartial certification process, and we strongly feel that this is best assured by having highly qualified third parties prepare the certification material and perform the required DER (FAA Designated Engineering Representative) review."

About GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B
GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B is an enhanced version of the GNAT Pro technology, designed for building safe and secure software. Formerly known as GNAT Pro HIE, its many features help to reduce the cost of developing and certifying systems that have to meet safety standards such as RTCA DO-178B / EUROCAE ED-12B and other high-integrity standards. The package includes a full, multi-language cross-compile system, a configurable Ada run-time system, and integration with best-in-class test capabilities. The run-time library for the GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B has already been certified to the highest safety level for DO-178B Level A, as a part of multiple avionics systems. These life cycle artifacts are available with the package.

Further details on this new product package can be found at:

GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B is immediately available as part of the GNAT Pro subscription. Please contact AdaCore ( for the latest information on pricing and supported configurations.

About AdaCore
Founded in 1994, AdaCore is the leading provider of commercial software solutions for Ada, a modern programming language designed for large, long-lived applications where reliability, efficiency and safety are critical. AdaCore’s flagship product is GNAT Pro, which comes with expert online support and is available on more platforms than any other Ada technology. AdaCore has customers worldwide; see for more information.

Use of Ada and GNAT Pro continues to grow in high-integrity and safety-critical applications, including avionics, defense, air traffic control, railroad systems, financial services and medical devices. AdaCore has North American headquarters in New York and European headquarters in Paris.

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