Announcing availability of the new customer web server, GNAT Tracker

PARIS, FRANCE - Our unrivalled support just got better.

Ada Core Technologies and ACT Europe are pleased to announce the release of GNAT Tracker, the next level in customer service.

Support, rapid expert support, is the foundation of successful project development.

GNAT Tracker is a customer web server that is designed to facilitate the interaction between your development team and our worldwide team of expert support engineers.

GNAT Tracker is a complete, secure cooperation space featuring:

  • A simplified problem report interface allows for a streamlined enquiry and response process for all your project related questions. Facilities for uploading files associated with a specific support request (such as the sources needed to reproduce a problem) ensure that comprehensive answers can be given.
  • Easy browsing through e-mail reports history, from yourself and your project team, relating to your project with the corresponding answers from our support team. This can save valuable time for developers when searching for responses to project blocking problems.
  • Access capabilities for downloading GNAT Pro components and wavefronts allowing for rapid integration of new technology into your project.
  • Complete online GNAT Pro documentation ensuring that all members of your project team have access to official reference manuals.
  • Access to up-to-date versions of known-problems and feature files for all versions of GNAT Pro. Our innovative technology is constantly evolving taking into account customer problem reports. GNAT Tracker provides access for your project team to the latest, up-to-date known problem files and their respective workarounds.
  • A news section ensures that your project team are up to date of all technology updates and future GNAT Pro development plans.
  • Administration rights allow for easy control of privileges to the various parts of the server for your team.

GNAT Tracker project manager Emmanuel Briot says:

"We understand the need for project leaders and managers to provide on time, successful software solutions. We also understand the need for software developers working on these projects to have access to expert support enabling project blocking problems to be resolved rapidly. It is for these reasons principally that GNAT Tracker was conceived. We have a long history of providing unrivalled support to project teams requiring rapid, expert answers to their compilation problems. GNAT Tracker is the latest level in our constant innovation of support for our customers. I invite everyone to go and discover GNAT Tracker on our website and discover how it can really make the difference in successful project development."

To find out how GNAT Tracker makes the difference, please click here or contact us at For more information on our support services, please click here.

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