AdaCore Partners with Praxis Critical Systems on a Joint Academic Initiative

NEW YORK, NY USA / PARIS, FRANCE - As part of the Ada Academic Program, AdaCore is pleased to announce a joint initiative with Praxis Critical Systems Ltd. AdaCore's GNAT Academic Program (GAP) will be linked to the Praxis Academic Support Programme - a fully supported professional SPARK toolset offered free-of-charge to university faculty members for teaching and/or research. SPARK is a high-integrity subset of the Ada programming language. The SPARK Examiner checks conformance of code against the rules of SPARK, performs flow analysis and can generate Verification-Conditions for full formal proof of SPARK source code. In conjunction with the SPADE Simplifier and the SPADE Proof Checker, Praxis provides a suite of tools capable of aiding the development, testing and verification of high integrity systems written in SPARKAda.

"The unique properties of the SPARK language and its support tools depend on the solid foundations provided by the Ada language so we are naturally delighted to support AdaCore's far-sighted Ada Academic Programme. The combination of the AdaCore and Praxis programmes provides a one stop resource offering the very best in software engineering tools and teaching materials". Peter Amey, Chief Technical Officer, Praxis Critical Systems.

"Our joint initiative with Praxis reinforces the commitment to Ada within Academia by widening the scope of on-line expertise as well as expanding the wealth of teaching materials available to instructors in Ada, wherever their faculty may be based." Louise Arkwright, Ada Academic Program Manager, AdaCore."

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