Ada Core Technologies and ACT Europe launches the GNAT Programming System IDE

PARIS, FRANCE - The first Free Software Ada-aware integrated development environment (IDE)

Ada Core Technologies and ACT Europe announce the immediate availability of the GNAT Programming System (GPS), the cutting-edge Ada IDE that makes visual sense of code and streamlines the interaction between developers and their software. The power and reliability of Ada is only the beginning - GPS provides the freedom and ease to move among a wide range of programming languages.

"GPS was developed by programmers for programmers," said Franco Gasperoni, Managing Director of ACT Europe, "it is a new kind of IDE that offers the experience of designing software in a uniquely comfortable environment. It is a fresh approach to IDE's that you can't describe with words, you have to try it".

"We are very serious about providing a product that is the best possible environment for a wide range of programming tasks. To that effect, we are proud to offer an easy to use, easy to learn IDE that allows programmers to quickly develop, manage, and maintain even the largest of projects", said Robert Dewar, President of Ada Core Technologies.

Ada Core Technologies, a privately held company founded in the mid-nineties, with major offices in New York City and Paris, produces and supports the GNAT Pro family of Free Software Ada 95 environments.

GNAT Pro, which is widely acclaimed for its robustness, performance, and support, has been used by many customers to develop high-reliability systems in aerospace, defense, energy, transportation, media, banking, and communications.

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