AdaCore Announces GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for Servers

BOSTON, Mass., September 18, 2007 - Embedded Systems Conference - AdaCore, provider of the highest-quality Ada tools and support services, today announced its second High-Integrity Edition product GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for Servers. The High-Integrity Family was first introduced in June of 2007 with the release of High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B, a product that supports safety-critical avionics and similar standards used in embedded software development. The new GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for Servers is fashioned to directly support DO-278, ESARR 4 and 6 and CAP670/SW01, the US, European and UK ground Air Traffic Management (ATM) safety-critical standards. Its capabilities can also be used to support any safety-critical, mission-critical or high reliability system requirements to run on a native platform.

“AdaCore recognizes that our customers require off-the-shelf solutions to meet high-reliability and safety-critical software development standards,” said Robert Dewar, President of AdaCore. "They are relying on us to supply support for embedded safety-critical software development. We are now offering this same support for developers needing higher reliability for native platform development.”

About GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for Servers
GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for Servers is an enhanced version of the GNAT Pro technology, designed for building safe and secure software. Its many features help to reduce the cost of developing and certifying systems that have to meet native platform safety standards. The package includes a full multi-language compile system, a configurable Ada run-time library, and integration with best-in-class test capabilities. The run-time library for the GNAT Pro High Integrity Edition for DO-178B has been certified to the highest safety level for DO-178B, Level A, as a part of multiple avionics systems. These life cycle artifacts are available with the Server package as well and directly satisfy the DO-278 standard and are accepted for many other safety standards.

A configurable run-time library accompanies the High-Integrity Edition for Servers product. This allows developers to tailor the run-time based on the language features required by their application. It can be configured from a zero-foot-print (ZFP), Cert library proven previously for embedded development, to full Ada depending on the assurance level requirements for the program. In this way, projects can enforce language subsets and reduce the cost of program certification.

The newly released GNATstack static analysis tool is supplied with this edition. GNATstack computes and outputs data on the absolute maximum memory utilization for programs conforming to the ZFP or Cert subset program libraries. Maximum program memory utilization reports are a common requirement for many safety-critical standards. The GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for Servers provides direct support for this requirement.

AdaCore is now leading the industry by offering both native and embedded safety-critical software development solutions. This product is available for the primary Unix platforms used in Air Traffic Management development such as: Linux, IBM/AIX, HP-UX and Sun/Solaris. It will be made available on other platforms as the market demands. Look for further expansion of the High-Integrity Edition Family with new safety and security solutions in the future.

About AdaCore
Founded in 1994, AdaCore is the leading provider of commercial software solutions for Ada, a modern programming language designed for large, long-lived applications where safety, security, and reliability are critical. AdaCore’s flagship product is GNAT Pro, which comes with expert online support. AdaCore has a large world-wide customer base in high-integrity and safety-certified applications, including avionics, defense, air traffic control, railroad systems, and financial services. See for more information.

AdaCore has North American headquarters in New York and European headquarters in Paris.

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