Rhapsody Ada and GNAT Pro integration

The demo is presented by Fraser Chadburn, Senior Applications Engineer, IBM, and highlights:

  • How to integrate a UML2 modeling environment like Rhapsody with an Ada development environment like GNAT Pro into a seamless tool chain;
  • How to bring model-driven engineering with Rhapsody to the high-integrity domain where Ada is widely used;
  • How to support a lean and incremental model-driven development process using UML2 for design and Ada for implementation;
  • How to develop new Ada components using round-trip engineering and model-level debugging in Rhapsody;
  • How to decrease the evolution, reuse and maintainance costs of certified and proven-in-use Ada components thanks to Rhapsody reverse engineering capabilities;
  • How to generate code for Ada 83, Ada 95, Ada 2005 and soon Ada 2012 from the same UML model;
  • How to use Ada object-oriented features using the standard UML notation;
  • How to benefit from Ada expressive power for modeling range, floating and fixed points types in Rhapsody