Hands-On with GNAT Studio

This course demonstrates advanced usage of the GNAT Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and how to improve productivity by using more of its advanced features.

Target Audience

Ada developers interested in learning how to use GNAT Studio more efficiently.

Course Duration

3 days


Students should have a working knowledge of Ada and some hands-on programming experience.

GNAT Studio for Editing and Debugging – 1 day

  • Editing features

  • Advanced navigation

  • Code completion

  • Integrated debugger

  • Integrated builder

GNAT Toolchain and Project Management – 1 day

  • Configuration and integration of the GNAT toolchain

  • Advanced setup of GNAT Project files
    • Scenario configuration

    • Using gprbuild

Advanced GNAT Studio – 1 day

  • GNAT Studio plugins

  • Extending GNAT Studio via Python
    • Introduction to Python Concepts available upon request

Please contact an AdaCore sales representative with any questions or requests for this training course via: sales@adacore.com.