Software Improvements: Using Ada to Implement a Secure Electronic Voting System

Electronic election systems need to be demonstrably secure in order to ensure the protection of votes, the privacy of voters, and the prevention of interference. That’s why Software Improvements selected the Ada 2012 programming language and AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Ada development environment to upgrade the Australia Capital Territory’s Electronic Voting & Counting System (eVACS®), a public-facing system that demands a high level of security.


Software Improvements Pty Ltd offers services that support high-integrity systems and software development.


To upgrade the Electronic Voting & Counting System (eVACS) software used by the Elections ACT for Legislative Assembly Elections in the Australian Capital Territory and deliver a more secure voting system.


Software Improvements selected Ada 2012 and AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Ada development environment for the eVACS upgrade.

Results and Benefits

By using Ada 2012, Software Improvements was able to upgrade the eVACS platform to provide easier setup, voting, and measurement capabilities, as well as to mitigate evolving security vulnerabilities.

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