Latitude Adopts Ada and SPARK for Light Launcher Software in New Space Industry

Latitude Adopts Ada and SPARK for Light Launcher Software in New Space Industry

In the competitive New Space industry, ingenuity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are paramount factors. When Latitude embarked on creating their cutting-edge small satellite launcher, Zephyr, they recognized the importance of selecting the right programming language and development tools to support their efforts. After evaluating a number of candidates, Latitude settled on Ada and its formally verifiable SPARK subset. Ada and SPARK were judged to have the best support for sound software engineering practice, thus reducing life cycle costs, while meeting real-time embedded systems performance and predictability requirements. Based on their successful experience, Latitude plans to expand its use of Ada and SPARK on future projects and sees these technologies as key enablers.

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Latitude, an innovative French aerospace startup, is revolutionizing the small satellite launch sector. With their ambitious Zephyr light launcher, they aim to cater to Europe’s burgeoning smallsat market.

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Latitude’s main challenge was to develop reliable and cost-effective flight software for Zephyr, ensuring safety and precision in the demanding realm of space flight.

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After careful consideration, Latitude chose the Ada programming language and its SPARK subset for their development. These tools were selected for their robust support in engineering practices, crucial for reducing lifecycle costs and ensuring performance in embedded systems.

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Results and Benefits

Latitude’s adoption of Ada and SPARK has led to the successful development of high-quality, reliable flight software. This choice has positioned them well for future certification and has been instrumental in advancing their Zephyr light launcher project.

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