Ada at ITEC: Real-Time Control over Complex Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes

Semiconductor manufacturing has some of the most exacting needs when it comes to performance and reliability, requiring millisecond-level precision and the ability to cost-effectively produce billions of smaller and smaller devices every year. That’s why ITEC, one of the major semiconductor manufacturing equipment and automation providers, chose Ada as its programming language to develop its critical control software.


ITEC - a leading semiconductor manufacturing equipment and automation provider.


To find a programming language capable of driving ITEC’s mission-critical manufacturing equipment, which must meet the highest levels of real-time performance and reliability and be capable of producing billions of semiconductors every year.


The Ada programming language, AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Ada development environment, and AdaCore technical support.

Results and Benefits

Ada currently makes up over 95% of the company’s code base which has grown to over 2 million lines of code. The language’s design makes it easy to maintain over the long term and simple for new developers to quickly learn and trust.

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