GNATdashboard is your one-stop control panel for monitoring and improving the quality of your Ada software.

GNATdashboard integrates and aggregates the results of AdaCore’s various static and dynamic analysis tools (GNATmetricGNATcheckGNATcoverageCodePeerSPARK Pro, among others) within a common interface, helping quality assurance managers and project leaders understand or reduce their software’s technical debt, and eliminating the need for manual input.

GNATdashboard fits naturally into a continuous integration environment, providing you with metrics on code complexity, code coverage, conformance to coding standard, and more.


  • Provides a common interface to view code quality data and metrics such as:
    • Code complexity
    • Code coverage
    • Conformance with standards
  • Fits into a continuous integration environment
  • Uses project files to configure, run and analyze tool output
  • Integrates with the SQUORE and SonarQube platforms to visualize the results


  • Helps QA managers and project leads understand their technical debt
  • Allows teams to engage all developers to track and reduce technical debt
  • Eliminates the need for manual input