Gem #161 : So long and thanks for all the memories!

by Jamie Ayre —AdaCore

After seven years and 160 iterations, the Ada Gem of the Week series is coming to an end. At least in its current format, as it will be replaced by a blog that will still address technical subjects. But more about that later. For this last Gem we want to reflect on what has been a very successful and widely read series.

The idea behind the Gems series was to provide information around areas of our technology and the Ada programming language. It was specifically successful in bringing to the forefront lesser-known tools and providing help and hints in optimizing your use of GNAT and Ada. Products covered included GNAT Pro, SPARK Pro, GNATstack, GNAT Component Collection, PolyORB, AWS, and GtkAda. Many subject matters were discussed: Ada 2005, Ada 2012, certification, distributed systems, embedded development, safe and secure programming, formal methods and verification, IDEs, libraries and bindings, use of mixed languages, modeling, multicore programming, static analysis, and testing.

The Gems archive can be found here:

The following Gems were the most viewed:

Gem #119 : GDB Scripting - Part 1

Gem #128 : Iterators in Ada 2012 - Part 2

Gem #140: Bridging the Endianness Gap

Gem #123: Implicit Dereferencing in Ada 2012

Gem #84: The Distributed Systems Annex 1 - Simple client/server

Gem #142 : Exception-ally

Gem #138 : Master the Command Line - Part 1

Gem #59: Generating Ada bindings for C headers

Gem #127: Iterators in Ada 2012 - Part 1

Gem #117: Design Pattern: Overridable Class Attributes in Ada 2012

Of the 160 published gems, 22 were supplied by outside authors, and we would like to thank them for their kind contributions.

The Gems archive will be kept in its current location, so you can continue to use them and we hope you do so. Although the Gems series in its current format may be ending, we will continue to publish similar content on the upcoming AdaCore blog. The blog will touch on many subjects, including information on new technologies, upcoming product releases, as well as the handy hints and tips many of you found so useful. So it's so long from the whole Gems team, and we look forward to seeing you soon on the AdaCore blog!