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GAP Community Agreement

AdaCore has worked with the Ada academic community to set up an Ada academic initiative, called the GNAT Academic Program (GAP), with the objectives of promoting quality programming practices to the next generation of programmers, encouraging and extending the use of Ada in teaching, providing a collaborative platform for the academic community and fostering greater links between academia and the professional Ada community. With its partner Altran, AdaCore has extended this academic initiative to the SPARK language.

As part of GAP, AdaCore and the registered academic partners (“the Members”) make available easily downloadable packages for other Members to access via the GAP Web Server. AdaCore actively encourages all Members to submit material and partake in discussions, since such contributions will help the initiative meet its goals.

  1. AdaCore makes the GAP release available to the Members under the terms of GPL or alternative similar licensing conditions, which can be found within each package.  The contents of the GAP release are determined by AdaCore and may change over time.  It currently includes binary releases of the GNAT toolset (including the Ada 2012 and C compilers), the SPARK toolset, and the GPS IDE as well as source releases of GtkAda, AWS (the Ada Web Server), XML/Ada, GNATcoll, and POSIX API.
  2. These releases are intended solely for academic purposes. Its use for any other purpose is not supported and not recommended, and neither AdaCore nor Altran make ANY WARRANTY to the Members or third parties for such use.
  3. Two services are available for the Members:
    1. GNAT Tracker (the GAP Web Server) for technical requests to the AdaCore and Altran teams.
    2. gap@adacore.info  for a forum open to and used by all Members for general discussion.
    3. Each GAP Member has access to the complete set of tickets opened by all GAP Members.
  4. AdaCore provides the GAP Web Server for distributing and sharing educational material relevant to the above-mentioned objectives among Members.
  5. Each Member may enroll any faculty or staff member of their institution via the Administration panel of the GAP Web Server.  By doing so, Member is responsible for those enrolled users and must ensure they accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  6. Members give permission for their institution to be listed on the AdaCore website www.adacore.com/academia and the GAP Web server. They also agree to provide a short description of the use of Ada and/or SPARK and the GAP toolset in their curriculum.
  7. The benefits of GAP will be greatly enhanced by Members contributing material. Contributing Members grant AdaCore full and perpetual rights to redistribute the contributed material to all Members. Contributing Members agree to issue a license with their contribution which clearly defines the rights of the other Members with respect to such contributions.
  8. Contributing Members acknowledge that they are solely responsible for the content of all their contributions, specifically under all intellectual property, contract and tort law.