Customer Projects

The use of Ada and GNAT Pro continues to grow in high-integrity and safety-critical applications, including commercial and defense avionics, air traffic control, railroad systems, financial services and medical devices. Below, you'll find a series of case studies, articles and press releases showcasing some of our client projects. You can also view a list of AdaCore clients worldwide and read customers' quotes about our support and products.


  • UPMSat-2 On-board and Ground Control Software

    Polytechnic University of Madrid

    The GNAT Pro cross-development environment has been selected for the UPMSat-2 UNION satellite project’s real-time on-board and ground control software. The 50kg micro-satellite, scheduled to be launched in Q4 2015, will provide a technology demonstration platform for the university from a sun-synchronous orbit nearly 600 km above Earth.

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  • Hospital Information System Development


    Smartward has adopted the GNAT Pro development environment, along with several complementary tools to implement a state-of-the-art patient care management system. Ada was chosen as the implementation language because of the benefits in reliability, safety, and security.

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  • Financial System Development

    Deep Blue Capital

    Deep  Blue Capital has developed algorithmic trading systems developed in Ada with the GNAT Pro development environment. These systems gather market information and automatically send buy and sell orders with minimal human intervention.

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  • Lunar CubeSat

    Vermont Technical College

    Vermont Technical College successfully launched a lunar cube satellite into earth orbit, where it will remain for about three years to test the systems that will be used for the eventual lunar mission. The CubeSat’s navigation and control software was developed in SPARK/Ada using AdaCore’s GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) IDE and GNAT Pro compiler and exploiting Altran’s SPARK toolset to prove the absence of run-time errors.

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  • International Space Station


    Astrium has selected GNAT Pro development environment and PolyORB middleware toolset for use in the Core Ground System (CGS) - CGS forms the basis to operate the Columbus laboratory, the European contribution to  the International Space Station (ISS). 

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  • High-Reliability Vehicle Component Research Project


    TOYOTA InfoTechnology Center (ITC) Japan selected the SPARK language and SPARK Pro toolset for a research project to develop a vehicle component implementation that can be proven to be free of run-time errors.

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  • Space Monitor Project


    Terma A/S has selected the GNAT Pro Safety-Critical development environment to develop onboard software for the Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) that will be mounted on the Columbus module of the International Space Station.

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  • Cross Domain Guard for Military Tactical Systems

    Rockwell Collins

    Rockwell Collins sucessfully used SPARK Pro and GNAT Pro High-Security in the development of the SecureOne™ Guard, a high assurance cross domain guard for military tactical systems.

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  • Metering and Grid Management


    SmartSide has adopted the Ada programming language and GNAT Pro for the implementation of their Smart Devices platform. SmartSide provides Smart Metering and Smart Grid management solutions which are used to optimize Smart Grid networks.

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  • Land and Naval Surveillance and Defense Systems


    Saab Electronic Defence Systems (Sweden) has adopted the CodePeer static analyzer tool for use on the GIRAFFE project. The GIRAFFE project is a family of land and naval radar-based surveillance and air defense command and control systems.

    (Picture copyright Saab AB)

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  • Military Helicopter ARINC 653


    Eurocopter has chosen the GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for development of an ARINC-653 demonstrator for military helicopters. The demonstrator will provide military interfaces and operational functions within a time- and memory-partitioned ARINC-653 architecture

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  • AMX Modernization program


    Embraer Defense and Security has selected GNAT Pro as a primary tool set to develop the Operation Flight Program for the AMX Modernization program. GNAT Pro will be used along with Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) as the foundation to develop this critical software system on the AMX Modernization effort.

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  • Air Surveillance and Control System

    Digicomp Research

    Digicomp, a system engineering and software development company specializing in military and defense applications, has been an AdaCore customer for more than a decade, using GNAT Pro to successfully implement and deploy a variety of mission-critical systems on Sparc Solaris, x86 Solaris, and Linux platforms.

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  • Railway Control System


    The Mobility Division of Siemens Switzerland Ltd., has selected GNAT Pro, along with the CodePeer static analysis tool, to develop the next generation of its railway control and information system.

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  • Scalable, Robust Call Management System

    Singo Solutions

    The GNAT Pro Development Environment has been selected by Singo Solution, Inc. to build Blaze – one of the largest, most innovative call management systems.

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  • Argos Satellite Project


    The GNAT Pro High Integrity Edition is being used by Thales to develop onboard instrument software for a unique, satellite-based worldwide location and data collection system dedicated to studying and protecting the environment.

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  • iFACTS - Air Traffic Management System


    iFACTS ― the interim Future Area Controls Tools Support ― provides tools for trajectory prediction, conflict detection and monitoring aids. The iFACTS system includes over 200 KLOC of SPARK source code, from which over 120,000 verification conditions are generated to prove exception-freedom.

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  • Advanced Jet Avionics Display


    Barco has developed an advanced business jet avionics display system using the AdaCore GNAT Pro Ada development environment. Barco selected the GNAT Pro High Integrity Edition, along with the Traceability Kit, running on Wind River’s VxWorks 653 RTOS in order to meet the highest levels of safety standard DO-178B.

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  • Advanced Avionics Display System

    Rockwell Collins

    The GNAT Pro High Integrity Edition for DO-178B has been selected by Rockwell Collins to implement key components of an advanced avionics display system that is being deployed on major jet aircraft.

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  • nEUROn Unmanned Aircraft


    EADS CASA is using the GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition to implement the data exchange and air-to-ground data links systems for the nEUROn Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) demonstrator.

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  • Refueling Boom System


    EADS CASA has chosen AdaCore GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for VxWorks653 to develop the device software for its advanced Air Refueling Boom System (ARBS). This software will be certified up to level A of RTCA DO-178B.
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  • Multi-Level Security Workstation


    To develop a robust multi-level security workstation, Secunet Security Networks chose the SPARK Pro development environment. The security station concurrently handles information of different security domains, maintains confidentiality and integrity of all processed data, and enforces Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) on a single hardware platform.

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  • 787 Dreamliner (Air Conditioning Control Unit)

    Hamilton Sundstrand

    Hamilton Sundstrand selected GNAT Pro for the 787 air conditioning control unit. GNAT Pro serves as the Ada development environment for the software running in the Air Conditioning Pack airborne software configuration, which regulates cabin air temperature on the aircraft.

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  • C130 J Flight Management System

    Lockheed Martin

    GNAT Pro is being used for the Block 7.0 software upgrade of the C-130J – the second cooperative Block Upgrade initiative that is a true international partnership, with the development costs shared among the participating nations, including the US government. This upgrade includes a new Flight Management System developed cooperatively between GE Aviation, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Marietta, Georgia.

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  • Airbus A350 XWB – Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (in-flight positioning)


    Thales will use the GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B and the Ada 2005 language to build the Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (ADIRU) for the A350 XWB (Xtra Wide-Body). The ADIRU provides precise in-flight positioning information, and the new system will therefore need to be certified to the highest safety levels. It will meet Level A of the DO-178B standard and use ARINC 653 multi-partition operating system MACS2.

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  • Sentinel-1 – Environmental Satellite System

    EADS Astrium

    Sentinel-1 is the first of five families of satellites being developed for the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) program. GMES, a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA), is designed to support a sustainable European information network by monitoring, recording and analyzing environmental data and events around the globe. Astrium in the UK will use GNAT Pro to implement the Application Software for the SAR Electronics Sub-system which is used to control Sentinel-1’s C-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

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  • Astute-Class Submarine Periscope


    This case study describes Thales UK’s state-of-the-art non-hull-penetrating optronic mast for the United Kingdom Royal Navy’s new Astute-class submarines, which provides greater flexibility in boat design and improved surface visibility while reducing the probability of detection. The optronic mast is powered by AdaCore partner, Wind River’s VxWorks mission-critical real-time operating system (RTOS) submarine.
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  • Conflict-detection Technology

    Lockheed Martin

    The User Request Evaluation Tool developed by a team that included Lockheed Martin and AdaCore is conflict-detection technology that is said to save time, fuel, and money while also helping to ensure safe aircraft separation.
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  • Ship Self-Defense System (SSDS)


    Raytheon has delivered the Ship Self-Defense System (SSDS) Mk 2 using GNAT Pro for LynxOS within its multi-language software development environment. SSDS Mk 2 is a combat system that integrates and coordinates the sensors and weapons systems aboard a US Naval vessel to provide a coherent tactical picture for situational awareness, command and controls, and quick-reaction self-defense.
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  • T25 SECT Electronic Combat Trainer


    AAI Services Corporation utilized GNAT Pro as part of an overall upgrade to the U.S. Air Force T25 Simulator for Electronic Combat Training (SECT) system. The T25 SECT system is a software-based training aid that uses interactive combat laboratory exercises and simulated training missions to teach the principles of electronic countermeasures.

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  • 787 Dreamliner (Common Core System)

    Smiths Aerospace

    In partnership with Wind River, AdaCore’s technology will be used on the 787’s Common Core System, provided by Smiths Aerospace, which is the backbone of the airplane’s computers, networks and interfacing electronics. The 787 Common Core System comprises approximately 80 to 100 applications running simultaneously which will control many of the airplane’s avionics and utilities functions.

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  • Eurofighter Typhoon

    BAE Systems

    BAE Systems are using the GNAT Pro development environment for host Ada compilation in the development of software for the Eurofighter’s mission computers.
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  • Pilot Ejection Seat

    Martin Baker

    The U.S. Navy is using a new ejection seat sequencer that will catapult a pilot and co- pilot (and the seats) out of a damaged F-18, F-14, or T-45 aircraft within 0.2 seconds from the time the ejection handle is pulled.
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  • Canadian Space Arm


    MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA) chose open-source GNAT Ada 95 from Ada Core Technologies to develop control software for the Mobile Servicing System (MSS), an essential com- ponent of the International Space Station (ISS).
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