Thomas Quinot

Thomas Quinot holds an engineering degree from Télécom Paris and a PhD from Université Paris VI. The main contribution of his research work is the definition of a flexible middleware architecture aiming at interoperability across distribution models. He joined AdaCore as a Senior Software Engineer in 2003, and is responsible for the distribution technologies. He also participates in the development, maintainance and support of the GNAT compiler.

What does Frontline Support mean to you?

Our support mission consists in understanding what our customers want to achieve, and providing any guidance needed to help them fulfill their goal using our technology. Of course, we provide advice each time a user encounters an unexpected issue with our products, so that our technology remains an enabler tool, never a blocking obstacle. We also provide insight as to how best to use it in the context of a given application. Our support is successful when technology is part of the solution, not of the problem.

What drew you to Ada?

I am a long time participant of free software projects, and thus received early exposure to large corpuses of source code developed over long periods by loosely connected groups of individual developers. This led me to focus strongly on best practices in software development. When I was first exposed to Ada as a student in Télécom Paris, it was immediately clear to me that the strong emphasis the language designers put on code maintainability and architectural integrity was a decisive advantage for any project you don’t want to immediately throw away.

What’s your favorite feature of GNAT Pro Technology?

To me, as both a user and a developer, the compiler is an amazing piece of technology. Its error diagnostics heuristics are sometimes eerily insightful, and it is also a very interesting piece of software to examine and modify, thanks to clever design decisions that were taken more than 15 years ago at the inception of the GNAT project.