Johannes Kanig

Johannes holds an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Paris, a Masters in Computer Science from the Technical University of Dresden, Germany and a PhD in Program Verification obtained at the University Paris 11. He joined AdaCore in 2011 and works principally on the CodePeer static analysis technology and the Hi-Lite research project, which aims to combine unit tests and formal verification.

What does Frontline Support mean to you?

When developing software, it is essential to keep the user experience in mind. Rapid and comprehensive “Frontline Support” does not only help the customer resolve specific needs, it also means that we get practical feedback on improving our tools in ways that make them more useful for others.

What drew you to Ada?

From the beginning, Ada struck me as a language that puts the emphasis on clarity, readability, and maintainability. This makes it an ideal candidate for software in a critical environment, and it also makes it suitable for the application of formal verification to Ada programs.

What’s your favorite feature of GNAT Pro Technology

It’s not a particular tool or feature, but the completeness and quality of the tool chain. A build tool, source code navigation, good error messages, style checking, a development environment with an integrated debugger, it’s all there. I also like the open source aspect of the technology.