Jerome Lambourg

Jerome Lambourg joined AdaCore in 2005, but first encountered the company as an intern in New York as part of his degree at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications (Paris, France). After completing his studies, he joined Canal+ where he worked on interactive television back-office servers and where he became a customer of AdaCore. He then moved to a technology consulting company, for whom he worked at General Electric Medical Systems, Sagem Mobile (in both companies as a systems architect) and then Thales Naval France (as a software engineer). He then returned to his first love, AdaCore. Among other things, he is involved in GPS, GnatPro for .NET and AUnit.

What does Frontline Support mean to you?

The important thing about Support at AdaCore is the direct relationship between the customer and the engineers involved with the product. There is no intermediate manager, no rephrasing, it’s a one to one discussion with the engineer who is best placed to solve your problem.

This way of organising support has multiple benefits: it helps our customers as they have in front of them real engineers with the best expertise, and engineers understand each other. It also helps us, because we get direct feedback on our technology, leading us to better anticipate potential problems, and determine the most desired missing functionalities.

What drew you to Ada?

My internship at AdaCore! I wouldn’t say I immediately became an Ada aficionado … I came from the C world, and all those language restrictions (compared to C!) were very frustrating at first. But now I really love the language. In particular there is this unique specification/implementation separation feature that I really miss when I have to move to another language. Without it, programming is like driving in an unknown place without a map or GPS… you can still find your way, but you have to ask people who know.

What’s your favorite feature of GNAT Pro Technology?

The GNAT for .NET compiler, which is really fun! I can now program my mobile phone with my favorite language :-)