Jerome Guitton

Jerome joined AdaCore in 2002 after completing his studies at the Ecole Nationale des Télécommunations (Paris, France), during which he had already worked with the company on one of its many reseach projects, namely PolyORB. His enthusiasm has remained undimmed during these six years and he has worked on a variety of projects, as well as acquiring expertise in debuggers and cross technologies. He has recently led the effort to port GNAT Pro to various cross targets (VxWorks 6, ELinOS).

What does “Frontline support mean to you?”

This involves solving problems that the customers may encounter, but not only this. An important part of frontline support is also making sure that our customers can take full advantage of our technology: making sure that no jewel remains hidden; pointing them tothe particular feature that can do exactly what they need to do;discussing with them the enhancement that would make their jobeasier. This can only happen if a close relationship exists between the development team and the users of the technology; this is the kind of relationship that AdaCore’s support aims to establish.

What drew you to Ada?

Its power of expression is quite impressive. Ada almost alwaysprovides a clean way to express what you want to do. This is even moreimpressive in the context of low-level programming: Ada gives thedevelopper some really smart abstractions such as representationclauses, System.Storage_Elements, etc. This is a real plus when you compareit against other languages. Take C++ as an example: when it comes tolow-level programming, you’re pretty much back to the perilous Cidioms (e.g. pointer arithmetics).

What’s your favorite feature of GNAT Pro Technology?

GPS’s source navigation. When you need to look into some piece of code, it makes your work significantly easier.