Gary Dismukes

Gary Dismukes started his involvement with Ada in 1980, beginning the development of an Ada compiler while working under Dr. Kenneth Bowles at the UCSD Pascal Project, before graduating from the University of California, San Diego (BA in mathematics, BA and MS in computer science). This work transitioned to TeleSoft, one of the early Ada vendors, where he was employed as a principal software engineer from 1981 to 1994. Gary joined AdaCore at its inception in 1994. In addition to contributing to the development of the GNAT front end, he has also worked on the implementation of the GNAT-for-Java product and a back end targeting a proprietary stack-based processor family for one of AdaCore’s largest customers. He also participated as a distinguished reviewer and Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG) member for Ada 95 and continues as a member of the Ada 2005 ARG. In addition to his enthusiasm for Ada, Gary is an aficionado of the conjuring arts and has provided magical entertainment at several AdaCore company functions.

What does Frontline Support mean to you?

AdaCore’s model for providing customer support is remarkable, for several reasons. One is the high level of responsiveness, which by itself sets AdaCore apart from industry norms. Another is the ability of customers to interact with engineers directly, without intermediary layers of support bureaucracy. A fundamental part of this interaction is that customers can draw on the knowledge and talents of a range of engineering staff and are encouraged to follow up with additional questions. All of these features of our support add up to a high-quality experience for the customer.

What drew you to Ada?

Ada has always had a strong appeal for me. One part of this appeal is that I admire the look of the language, including its overall clean syntax and the design’s emphasis on readability. Another is the strength that comes from Ada’s having been standardized since its inception, along with the high level of portability that brings. Finally, the strong typing model of Ada, complemented by stringent run-time checks, which supports programming of reliable systems, encourages disciplined programming practices, and lowers development costs across the software life-cycle.

What’s your favorite feature of GNAT Pro Technology?

AdaCore’s internal testing regimen.

Although not a directly visible feature of the GNAT Pro technology, AdaCore’s approach of applying a comprehensive and continuously growing suite of tests to the current state of the GNAT Pro compiler and tools on a daily basis helps to ensure the robustness and high quality of the product set.