GNAT Tracker

Our secure customer web server, brings you timely online support by putting our team of Ada and GNAT Pro experts at your fingertips - you share the internal issue tracking system with them. Through GNAT Tracker you can submit reports, retrieve up-to-date status information, and download GNAT Pro releases and documentation.


GNAT Tracker is your portal into AdaCore’s products and services. It simplifies and automates your interactions with AdaCore, furnishes an audit trail for tracking requests, and allows tailoring to meet your project’s specific needs. In short, it gives you instantaneous access to a wealth of information that can help you better manage your Ada software development.


GNAT Tracker uses certificate-based encryption for all material, whether uploaded or downloaded, ensuring maximum security for your data. More over, only registered members of a given account can access the information, and then only what they have been granted permission to see. This information is inaccessible to all others.

User Friendly

Managers and developers alike will find GNAT Tracker easy to navigate. As an interface to a database embodying a project’s usage history with GNAT Pro, GNAT Tracker is especially helpful in bringing new staff up to speed quickly.

Gnattrackertour1 Dashboard

All your support at a glance

A key feature of GNAT Tracker is the Dashboard, a landing that gives customers a quick picture of everything that is going on with their account. They can see the latest developments with their support tickets, check for technical updates and get the latest news and developments with GNAT Pro technology. Users can also monitor the status of their GNAT Pro subscription and access important licensing and account information.

Administration rights let you set per-user privileges for accessing the various GNAT Tracker services.

Gnattrackertour2 Tickets

Fast and easy tracking of your support.

Above all, GNAT Tracker is about direct, easy, and rapid access to AdaCore expertise. The web-based interface makes it easy to send, browse and read reports. Reports sent using GNAT Tracker go immediately to every engineer at AdaCore and customers typically receive an initial response within hours. GNAT Tracker has a powerful search capability, allowing users to easily browse through previous support responses and information.

This provides a 24/7 support capability for AdaCore customers.

Gnattrackertour3 Downloads

Download new technology and enhancements.

All GNAT Pro technology is directly available on GNAT Tracker’s Download page. Users can download the latest release of GNAT Pro on all of their supported platforms and access previous versions of the technology. As with all GNAT Pro technology, the source code is available from this page.

Gnattrackertour4 Documentation

Access to the information you need, when you need it.

GNAT Tracker keeps GNAT Pro customers informed by giving them access to a wealth of documentation and information, including release notes, user’s guides, version histories, as well as support and licensing information. GNAT Tracker also incorporates AdaCore’s Developer Center, our ongoing web-log, that tracks the constantly evolving development of GNAT Pro technology.

See the guided tour.

Get a more in depth look at all the improvements we've added to GNATtracker 3 in this video walkthrough.