GNATtracker 3.0 User Guide

This document will provide instructions and information on how to use GNATtracker 3.0 - the latest version of AdaCore’s customer interface for downloading the GNAT Pro technology, communicating with our expert support team, and managing your customer account.

Logging into Your GNATtracker Account

From AdaCore's corporate website homepage click on GNATtracker access at the top of the page then enter your username and password. You will then land on the dashboard - the ‘homepage’ of GNATtracker 3.

Opening a New Ticket

Click the Create New Ticket button on the sidebar, then select the Component from the dropdown menu that relates to your question. Following this, select the correct Priority from the dropdown menu and then enter your Platform and Version number (this information is optional, but will help our support team). Give the ticket a clear Subject and complete the message copying any colleagues where necessary. Please note that anyone copied into a message will be kept in copy on all replies. Where relevant, attach any screenshots, files or reproducers that relate to your ticket and then click Send to submit. Rest assured, any attachment will be first encrypted before being sent.

Please note: Once your ticket has been submitted, it may take a few moments to appear in the Ticket section while it is being made available on all GNATtracker servers.

Downloading Technology

Click on the Download button on the sidebar to see a list of available components that are part of your subscription. The specific Platform can be selected using the dropdown menu from the top of the page. Once you have chosen the Platform and the Component, select the desired Version Number from the version selector dropdown menu and then click the corresponding Download button. This will automatically download all files within that component.

If you wish to download specific files within a component, click on the + next to the component which will expand to show the separate files - you can now select the desired file, or files to download. To download all the components in your subscription click the grey Download all Components button at the bottom of the page, after selecting your Platform and Version Number.

Please note: some components do not have a version selector. These are the components that are strongly tied to a specific version of the compiler and hence must always match that specific compiler version.

Accessing Sources

The sources for all the components are always available, however, they are not included in the downloaded package by default. In order to download the source files click on the + and check the Include Sources box then hit the Download button.

Zip or Tar

After downloading, all files are aggregated into an archive. For Windows-based products, this will be a zip file; for Unix-based products, a tar file will be used by default. You can override the default by checking the appropriate box at the top of the page.

Downloading a Wavefront

Click on the Wavefronts link in the sidebar menu, from there you will be able to see the wavefronts available for download and/or those pending. To download available wavefronts, click on the Wavefront and then Download Files. A wavefront is a carefully tested, customer-specific pre-release of AdaCore technology. It has passed all AdaCore's internal testsuites, but lacks the field testing generally associated with official releases.

Managing Your Account

To access and/or make changes to your account, click on the Manage Account button in the sidebar menu.

Adding a New User (Account administrators only)

If you need to add a new user to an available seat in your AdaCore subscription, click on the Create New User option just above the current user profiles, enter their information, define their permissions and click Save. Please contact if you wish to modify your subscription to add new seats.

Deleting an Existing User (Account administrators only)

From the Manage Account tab, click on the user you wish to delete and click on the Delete User button within their profile.

Setting an Avatar

If a user wishes to upload an avatar picture they can do this by using the external website: Gravatar.

Changing User Permissions

From within the user profile pages, each active developer has permission to:

  • Subscribe and unsubscribe from the semiannual AdaCore Newsletter GNAT Pro Insider
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe from AdaCore product update announcements simply by checking and unchecking the appropriate checkboxes.

Changing Your Password

From your user profile page enter your new password in the Password Set box, confirm it in the Confirm Password box and then click Save.

Following and Managing Your Tickets

After submitting a ticket, it will appear in the ticket section, accessed by clicking the Tickets tab in the sidebar menu.

Creating Favorite Tickets

You can create ‘favorite’ tickets by clicking the star at the side of the chosen ticket and it will then be bookmarked and moved to the top of the list of existing tickets.

Interacting and Replying to Existing Tickets

From the newly designed messaging system you can directly reply to a message, copy other members of your team and attach files to existing tickets.

Tickets marked Pending Input means AdaCore is waiting for input from you.

Tickets market Wavefront means the conclusion of this ticket resulted in the creation of a Wavefront for the customer.

Open and Closed Tickets

After clicking on the Tickets tab you can select options for viewing Open or Closed tickets. Open tickets are on-going discussions, yet to reach a conclusion. Closed tickets are inactive and signal the conclusion of the problem where applicable. Closed tickets are kept for reference purposes. At any time, you can follow up on a closed ticket, and AdaCore will reopen it. Clicking on the ticket allows you to trace all messages in the discussion.

Searching for Tickets

To search for a ticket enter the 8-character ticket number, or an appropriate keyword, into the search bar on the sidebar. GNATtracker 3 will search within the contents of tickets, not just the ticket subject - this makes it easier to find past tickets.


The sidebar is the ‘control panel’ for GNATtracker 3. It allows you to navigate through GNATtracker’s various sections and carry out regular tasks such as creating a new ticket, downloading technology and managing your account.

Switching Between Multiple Accounts

Users that belong to multiple accounts can switch between them from the sidebar menu by clicking on the arrow next to the current account number. This will expand to show you the different accounts allowing you to select a specific account. Once selected, the information displayed will then be relevant to that account.

GNATtracker 3 allows you to switch seamlessly across devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) all the while having the sidebar functions to easily navigate.


The Dashboard doubles as the GNATtracker homepage and shows key information such as the number of active and inactive support tickets, available wavefronts, the most recent educational webinars, products demos and white papers, plus the upcoming events that AdaCore will be exhibiting at. The Dashboard is customizable allowing you to display the information you wish to see and the order in which it is displayed.


For access to all reference, language and tool manuals relating to any AdaCore product, click on the Documentation tab in the sidebar. The tabs at the top of the page allow you to switch between AdaCore’s different product groups.


For access to other resources such as videos and technical papers, click on the Resources tab on the menu, once again using the tabs at the top of the page to navigate through the different categories of documents.

For any further questions relating to GNATtracker 3, please open a support ticket.